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Deleted a Tweet about the Bourdain zombie Facebook page. No Reservations was Travel Channel. Parts Unknown was CNN. I still think we should take care of our social people but the blame for this nonsense was misplaced. My b.

Anthony Bourdain Quotes That Will Inspire You to Travel More, Eat Better, and Enjoy Life

Anthony Bourdain and Laurie Woolever’s “World Travel” makes a first stop this week on our advice, how-to and miscellaneous best-seller list.

Following Tony Bourdain’s untimely death, his “lieutenant” and friend @LaurieWoolever  decided to complete his last, unfinished book. “It was a very difficult thing,” she tells me. “Fortunately, he left behind a huge and brilliant body of work… and I was able to draw on that.”

“Any time that they weren’t shooting [Bourdain] for the show, he had me ride on the back of his scooter with him,” remembers @LaurieWoolever  about working on Parts Unknown in Vietnam. “It was extraordinary, and I had a number of extraordinary experiences like that with Tony.”

NEW - April 2021: For those of us who have more than a love of travel, for those moms who might be in need of a great book to read for Mother's Day, for those who can appreciate the work of the late bourdain'>Anthony Bourdain. --> (Ad) #Books  #travel 

Mary Mallon, best remembered as 'Typhoid Mary,' was born on September 23, 1869 in Tyrone. Famous chef bourdain'>Anthony Bourdain reportedly loved the fighting spirit of the notorious Irish immigrant. #irishhistory  #TyphoidMary 

Bourdain's former assistant: It was important to include this in Anthony's final book

Anthony Bourdain's co-author Laurie Woolever discusses finishing the book he had planned before his death. "It was a really useful thing to ... look at things with a fresh eye and really see just what a magnificent observer he was. And what a wonderful storyteller he was."


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bourdain'>Anthony Bourdain describing Waffle House is the single-most important description of America that has ever been articulated.

The suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade this week are a reminder: No matter how successful, wealthy or seemingly happy you are, we all battle our own demons. Reach out to one another. Destigmatize depression, addiction and anxiety. We are all in this together.

Stunned and saddened by the loss of bourdain'>Anthony Bourdain. He brought the world into our homes and inspired so many people to explore cultures and cities through their food. Remember that help is a phone call away US:1-800-273-TALK UK: 116 123

A friend of @StarTalkRadio . A friend of Food & Culture. A friend to us all. bourdain'>Anthony Bourdain, RIP. (1956-2018).

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bourdain'>Anthony Bourdain is dead. The chef, storyteller and Emmy-winning host of CNN's "Parts Unknown" is dead of suicide at age 61.

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BREAKING: Anthony Bourdain of CNN’s “Parts Unknown” is dead. The chef, storyteller and Emmy-winning host has committed suicide at age 61, CNN confirms

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In 2010, I covered a book-tour stop at ’s wher #stl  a boy with leukemia asked his culinary idol where he should go eat - anywhere in the world - once he’s in remission. Bourdain didn’t hesitate: Spain. But then...1/3

Some fans have noticed that bourdain'>Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown was scheduled to come off Netflix US on June 16. As of today, we’ve extended our agreement that will keep Parts Unknown on the service for months to come.

Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade all in a week ? Depression is real and we never know what people might be going through every day. Be kind. Take time to talk. Ask how your friends are.. It just might make a difference ?

This is so awful. bourdain'>Anthony Bourdain, 61, has died. He took his own life. He was in France working on an upcoming episode of his award-winning CNN series. His close friend Eric Ripert, the French chef, found Bourdain unresponsive in his hotel room Friday morning.