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This is very sad. I lost 1,000 followers. Twitter's bot asks "Are you a bot?" No, I am human. "Thank you human!" Hey, don't unfollow my followers... "This tape will self destruct in 5 seconds." Plz, folks, I will follow back as soon as the system lets me.

Forget Netflix and binge watch these awesome farm-bot videos.

If you are a bot, stay away from my show, please don't follow me. Nothing but real breathing people human beings no fake accounts here. Now if you agree hit that blue follow button for the time of your life. I have a GREAT SHOW for you tonight. mhp mg BerryYNWA

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The latest toy and merchandise news of the week includes even more Mandalorian merch reveals, and a very cute bot'>Spider-Bot from Disneyland's Avengers Campus

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The invasion of BOT FARMS on Twitter. I can smell BOTS a Continent away; no profile picture, no bio, no tweets. If this is you and you're a real person fix it or you won't get any followers. What else do you want to know? *mustread *smm *bookclubs *authors

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Your next binge-watch: these awesome farm-bot videos.

Rule #14  Why? You want to know why u need a profile pic & not the default avatar because hackers uses it for their bot farms to follow users accounts you’ll never gain 100,000 Followers like that hey put that coffee down listen to me I kno what I’m talking about I’m here to help.

Things are evolving and ever-changing ... A rolling limit This is good slows down the process reduces Bot Farm Activity & Spamming. Thank you, Jack! RT Remix *AimeeHypatia *KlatuBaradaNiko It's a rolling limit spread ur follows out, and the limit lifts in 30mins to hr usually

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Deep Analysis 933. Patrolling the Pachinko. Thanks, Twitter for using your Bots to find and eliminate bad Bots that hack accounts. In your next Bot sweep please remember I'm Human! A nice guy & host of RT Train Show AFTER DARK #TwitterPolice  #Twitterpurge 


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You are cordially invited to the premiere of #NeverWornWhite  🤍 Join me on the @YouTube  watch page tonight at 8:30pm PT and chat with me (promise not a bot! 😛) before the video premieres at 9pm PT!

I remember i had this bot thing that told me how many followers i gained and how many i lost a day. And it would tweet stupid shit like that

Here's an even more fun test. If you aren't a bot, don't RT, reply or favorite this. Don't do it for massive justice!

Ok. We don't know why we got 3.5 million new followers, putting us at 5 million - but if you're new to our feed, and you're not a bot we can be pretty gruff. We don't mince words, we tell it like it is and when we want lulz, it upsets many people. Welcome aboard. #Anonymous 

Want to chat to me on Facetime? #GetFamiliar  and chat to my Facebookbot to find out how! ?

Retweet if you agree should delay Thursday’s vote pend #NetNeutralityng  a full investigation of possible bot interference in the public comment process. The future of our internet is simply too important.

This is nothing. In a few years, that bot will move so fast you’ll need a strobe light to see it. Sweet dreams…

The day an army of bots turned on bot researchers

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