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VIDEO: BA In Bosnia, a country criss-crossed by hundreds of rivers and their tributaries, the hydro sector is booming but so is resistance against it: locals have declared war on the industry, leading to the abandonment of several projects

Nurk stayed in the Portland area for the entire shutdown. Fortunately, says none of his family or circle back home in Bosnia has been affected by COVID.

RP from joboland4 - 2006(?) - Tuzla, Bosnia. What an amazing time with amazing people. #zoneofseparation  #zos  #malcommacrury 

Taking a cooling dip in Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina during hot weather yesterday.

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For nearly two decades now, “BosniaBob” and 1st Armored Division Chaplain Lt. Col. Douglas Ball II have traveled the world together.

$ADPL-R-A #AD  Plastik d.d. ... Fima Daily Insight: July 02 2020: Please find enclosed our daily market report. Market Comment Croatia Ingra cons net profit plummets 84% YoY in Q1 Kras squeezes out minorities at Bosnia's Mira Croatia sells… #equity  #stocks 

#CoronaVirusUpdate ATAustria issues travel warnings for Western Balkan countries that are not part of EU due of an increase in #coronavirus  infections Foreign Minister said the measure applied to six countries, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia

Bosnia and Herzegovina Retail Sales month-on-month at 22.9 percent

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Retail Sales year-on-year at -10.7%

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100 days to go until the Euro semi-final play-off in Bosnia, Northern Ireland's new manager Ian Baraclough is dreaming of a Windsor Park Final in November infront of fans


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? Money Spent on Defence: ? Man City = £281m ?? Latvia = £280m ?? Bosnia = £250m ?? Armenia = £225m ?? Paraguay = £145m ?? Ghana = £120m ? Placing them 94th in the world for Defence Budget. ?

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If President Trump knew the facts, he would never have sent that tweet. Here is my (late) camerawoman Margaret Moth, who took a bullet in the face covering the facts and truth in Bosnia. ? #FactsFirstB 

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Up watching Argentina v Bosnia ! love the World Cup!

1,000 tons of garbage is released into Bosnia's environment every day. Now, the Drina river is paying the price

25 years ago Fikret Alic was photographed in a concentration camp in Bosnia. Today he’s in The Hague awaiting the verdict on his tormentor, Ratko Mladic

Annual spending on defence: USA £820bn Cuba £700m Man City £200m Bosnia £180m Congo £135m

Bosnia and Herzegovina fans were NOT thrilled that their team didn't qualify for the World Cup ? (via matkolm/Instagram)

"Save Aleppo." Thousands of people in Denmark and Bosnia demonstrated in solidarity with the besieged people of Aleppo.

Your help in Serbia & Bosnia is fantastic @DjokerNole . My support & best wishes to the victims of the terrible floods

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I ask all of you to pray for the victims of the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Serbia and in other countries in the region.