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⚡️ @BorisJohnson  take LBC listener's calls: The highlights” #BorisOnLBC 

⚡️ “Boris Johnson says he would not take the knee because he believes in substance, not gestures” #BorisOnLBC 

Boris Johnson tells LBC that the date for gyms to re-open is “in a couple of weeks”. #BorisOnLBC 

Boris Johnson is taking your calls on LBC from 9am. Watch it live right here. #BorisOnLBC 

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Boris Johnson refuses to answer a question on how many children he has @NickFerrariLBC  | #BorisOnLBC 

Boris Johnson insists that if the US demands the NHS is part of any trade deal “then we would walk out”. #BorisOnLBC 

Nick Ferrari asks Boris Johnson: “Why does the public have issues of trust with you?” #BorisOnLBC