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EXCLUSIVE: Boris Johnson will defy trade union pressure and announce on Monday that secondary school children will no longer have to wear face masks in class

🔴 EXCLUSIVE: Boris Johnson will defy trade union pressure and announce on Monday that secondary school children will no longer have to wear face masks in class

EXC: Boris Johnson to announce on Monday that face masks will no longer be needed in secondary school classrooms. Guidance change to come into effect May 17 in England. Multiple Gov source confirm the plan. Story with @camillahmturner .

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced a call to resign on Monday after claims he dismissed the prospect of thousands dying from Covid-19, as a row over government "sleaze" escalated

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday denied a newspaper report that he had said he would rather bodies piled "high in their thousands" than order a third COVID-19 lockdown. #BorisJohnson  #lockdown  #Covid19  #ITCard  Read here:

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My top 5 stories this Monday. US tourists could travel to Europe; India virus crisis; Tesla; and Boris Johnson battles with ex-aide. #FromFrancinesDesk  @BloombergTV 

Continued pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson over a flat renovation leads many of Monday's papers along with stories on the coronavirus and social media abuse

The announcement of the new Super League on Monday has sparked widespread criticism from European football officials, clubs, fans and politicians, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Industry chiefs and strategic experts on Monday were unanimous in their view that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson cancelling his visit to India next week was the right move, given the COVID-19 pandemic situation


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UK “will temporarily close all travel corridors from 0400 on Monday” UK PM Boris Johnson says the move will “protect us against the risk of as yet unidentified new strains” of Covid

The United Kingdom will close all travel corridors from 4 a.m. local time Monday. Prime Minister Boris Johnson emphasized that the only way to get into the country is by having a negative coronavirus test result.

Highways England has confirmed that 900 lorries were on the M20 in Kent on Monday evening - not the 174 that Boris Johnson had claimed

Downing Street has said England will enter a strengthened three-tiered system of local restrictions when the national lockdown ends on December 2 and Boris Johnson is expected to detail his plan for winter including how families will see each other at Christmas to MPs on Monday

Groups of up to six people will be able to meet outside in England from Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson says

BREAKING Boris Johnson statement just out: “Prime Minister Boris Johnson will say today (Monday): “We are now entering the final phase of our negotiations with the EU.

“Any push by Donald Trump to readmit Russia to the G7 gathering of economically advanced nations would be vetoed by the U.K., Boris Johnson's official spokesperson said Monday.”

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson will be back at work in Downing Street on Monday

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved into intensive care on Monday, a worrisome turn in his battle with the coronavirus

AP: “No news organization boycotted the event to show support for CNN, in contrast to the British journalists who walked out of a Monday meeting with an aide to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to back competitors who were being kept from the session.”