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Will Covid infection rates go up after schools reopen? asks @BBCBenWright  Prime Minister Boris Johnson says it is "inevitable" opening schools increases risk of transmission, but vaccine roll-out means "we can do it now, in the way that we are"

Covid cases fall to their lowest level in five months but Boris Johnson warns school reopening will cause numbers to rise

BREAKING: Boris Johnson warns Covid cases could rise again after schools reopen

Watch LIVE: Boris Johnson leads Downing Street Covid briefing after schools return and some restrictions are relaxed

Boris Johnson admits 'of course' Covid cases could shoot up as schools reopen

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Boris Johnson gives Covid-19 update as children return to school in first step towards ending lockdown.

Live: Boris Johnson gives Covid update as schools reopen

Boris Johnson is holding a COVID press conference - watch live 🔴

Boris Johnson is about to make a lockdown and Covid-19 announcement - follow our blog here for live updates


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Boris Johnson ‘misled parliament’ over Covid contracts, court order shows

Boris Johnson told #PMQs  today that staying in the European Medicines Agency would have made the UK vaccine rollout "impossible". In fact, Britain was still bound by EMA rules when the Covid vaccination programme began. @FactCheck  thread)

UK PM Boris Johnson announces new Covid lockdown in England, with people told to stay at home and schools shut for most pupils from tomorrow

As the UK Covid deaths exceed 100,000, should Boris Johnson resign?

BREAKING: Boris Johnson says he's 'deeply sorry' for the shocking UK covid death toll & insists 'we truly did everything we could and continue to do everything we can to minimise loss of life.' But that's a lie. He didn't. He avoided doing what he should have done, time & again.

‘UK will defeat COVID-19 like Lord Ram & Sita defeated Ravana’: Boris Johnson’s Diwali message.

BREAKING: Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirms there are more people in UK hospitals now with Covid-19 than when we went into lockdown on March 23.

Tho it’s unlikely to manifest itself at PMQs today, there is mounting unease, even anger, among Tory backbenchers and grassroots at what they perceive as indecisive, even incompetent leadership from Boris Johnson at this stage in the Covid crisis.

In 2014, Boris Johnson wrote he was “as blind as a bat” and needed glasses to see round the house - so why did he say tonight Covid had left him needing specs? H/t @robweaverwm