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In the U.S, Boogaloos have recently been in the spotlight, after some showed up heavily armed at anti-lockdown and Black Lives Matter demonstrations. @andreabellemare  @LizT1 

Facebook has banned 315 accounts which it said belonged to "Boogaloos" - participants in an extremist movement in the US which believes a second civil war is inevitable or desirable

Facebook bans hundreds of accounts tied to violent 'Boogaloos'

There is a whole island that's going to be pretty pissed if we let those Boogaloos nutters claim Hawaiian shirts.

BREAKING: Facebook just labeled the boogaloos a "dangerous organization" and banned 500 groups and pages

Facebook Just Labelled the Boogaloos a 'Dangerous Organisation' and Banned 500 Groups and Pages

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NEW: Facebook just labeled the Boogaloos a "dangerous organization" and banned 500 groups and pages. (via @vicenews )

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Facebook is cracking down on anti-government extremist 'boogaloos,' but it has reportedly been profiting off boogaloo ads calling for violence for months

Reporter @KELLYWEILL  looked into the origins of the boogaloos and, shocker! It's Facebook: “Because this movement was born online, it lives online,” one expert said.


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Boogaloos, aka men who thirst for civil war and keep latching onto protests for exposure, have a thing for Facebook

Who are the ‘Boogaloos’? And why are they so active on Facebook? @bellingcat  journalist Robert Evans explains why they’re so interested in the George Floyd protests. @robertatcracked 

Honest question: what’s the thinking behind these white guys jacked up with AR-15s and camo cosplaying special forces at the protests? Why not join the actual army? Did they not pass the test? Or are they all boogaloos?

"An Inconvenient Truth" may get a sequel: "An Inconvenient Truth II: Electric Boogaloos Are More Efficient than Coal Boogaloos."