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Condo owners are not protected from fee hikes. Bonnie Lysyk, the province’s auditor general, says the province should usher in “best practices” from other jurisdictions, as well as new disclosure rules for developers.

In her annual report this month, Ontario AG Bonnie Lysyk recommended the province usher in “best practices” from other jurisdictions, as well as new disclosure rules for developers about the fees and when/how they increase.

#Opinion, @reggcohn : Doug Ford and Bonnie Lysyk team up to go after some of Ontario’s most vulnerable

Doug Ford and Bonnie Lysyk have become a powerful tag team with a common foe: Rising social assistance costs, @reggcohn  writes. Their shared remedy: Reducing the right of appeal by those claiming disability payments. #ONpoli 

Doug Ford and Bonnie Lysyk team up to go after some of Ontario’s most vulnerable via @torontostar 

Big developments on the Greenbelt Council, as chairman David Crombie and 6 others resign to protest the Ont. govt.'s position on conservations areas. That and @OntarioAuditor  Bonnie Lysyk's latest report on this week's #onpoli  podcast. #greenbelt 

In her annual report to the legislature, auditor general Bonnie Lysyk argued that the Ontario needs better oversight of the marijuana trade, the financial implications of condo fees, and the funeral industry. Story by @robertbenzie  and @robferguson1 

"Arguably, the most important chapter in this year’s report from Bonnie Lysyk is also the least surprising: Ontario is perennially failing to honour its obligations and commitments to Indigenous people." By @jm_mcgrath 

BREAKING: Ontario auditor-general Bonnie Lysyk releases her annual report. Findings include: education ministry not monitoring to make sure curriculum is followed, lack of oversight for condo boards, PRESTO installation slow across Metrolinx network. MORE TO COME. #onpoli 

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Bonnie Lysyk’s annual report comes out on Monday and, as in years past, there will likely be much of value in her value for money audits. But too often, she crosses the line from auditing to politicking, @reggcohn  writes. #ONpoli 


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perhaps the most damning assessment of the previous govt's financial decisions came yesterday at the fiscal transparency hearings from auditor-general bonnie lysyk: "if we were private sector auditors in this situation, we would leave our client,” she said. #onpoli 

The former government of , in an unprecedented attack, tried for years to discredit Bonnie Lysyk's relentlessly honest and accurate reporting on Ontario government finances. Guess who's still standing and who lost her job? #onpoli 

Wynne gov't hires 'expert' panel for $435,000 to dispute finding on pensions by Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk. You cannot make this stuff up.

KABOOM! "Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk has uncovered 'bogus' accounting during a special audit of the Independent Electricity System Operator, an Ontario government body that manages key aspects of Ontario’s electric-power system" #onpoli  #cdnpoli 

Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk basically said today that when it comes to the numbers in Premier Wynne's pre-election budget, the Liberals are just making sh*t up: Government Statement on Finances “Not Reasonable”: Auditor General #onpoli  #cdnpoli 

BREAKING: Bonnie Lysyk deems government statement on finances "not reasonable." She says deficit is $11.7B not $6.7B due to accounting differences. #onpoli 

Anyone still considering voting Liberal in the next provincial vote should read Matthew McClearn's excellent analysis of hydro accounting in the . Provincial auditor Bonnie Lysyk has been sounding accounting alarm for years. This explains why. #onpoli 

Before Ontario's Liberal government attacks the latest salvo from Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk about bogus accounting at the province's electricity operator, ask yourself who you trust more: An independent, non-partisan officer of the Legislature (Lysyk), or Liberals? #onpoli 

Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk sums up Premier Wynne's cap-and-trade carbon pricing plan: 'Small reductions in emissions in Ontario expected to come at significant cost to Ontario businesses and households'. See her full account here #onpoli  #cdnpoli 

AG Bonnie Lysyk: Wynne gov't deliberately ignored its own accounting rules to hide $4B in interest payments from public re Fair Hydro Plan.