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UNDAUNTED! 👊 After one of the most difficult weekends of his career, @AndreaDovizioso  is a hero on Sunday! 🥉 P3 for the man that broke his collar bone just a few weeks ago! 🤯 #SpanishGP  ES

It is amazing and appalling that Republicans are going after veteran military officers. How many people have to come forward for Republicans to stop defending the man who pretended he had bone spurs in favor of all the men and women who actually serve our country every day?

.: “John McCain was everything Donald Trump is not... A man who sacrificed... suffered greatly while D. Trump was inventing bone spurs... a man who believed in a cause greater than himself... in putting America first... D. Trump believes in putting D. Trump first.”

So we’re supposed to believe Jamal Khashoggi accidentally died in a ‘fist-fight’ with a 15-man Saudi Arabia hit squad including a forensic pathologist armed with a bone saw? One word: BULLSH*T.

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A UK man has become the second person ever to be cleared of HIV. The man underwent a bone marrow transplant 3 years ago. Doctors say that while he is technically in remission, he is "functionally cured" and proof that scientists will one day be able to end HIV/AIDS.

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930 miles, 54 days, bone-chilling temperatures _ mostly uphill. American man becomes first to traverse Antarctica completely unassisted.

The teenager lost most of his frontal skull bone when he stepped in to save his mother from a man trying to rape her

BBC idea of ‘balance’ is putting on Peter Bone to counter Mark Carney. One man knows what he is talking about. The other one doesn’t.

Spectacular iron-man game from Kobe, playing all but 22 seconds w/ bone spur in foot, fueling a crucial road win w/ 14 assists. Guts.