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Exactly one year ago, when Brazil’s Covid death toll stood at 1,900, @LulapeloBrasil  told me bolsonaro'>Jair Bolsonaro was leading their country “to the slaughterhouse”. Twelve months later, more than 373,000 Brazilians have died

200 Brazilian orgs have written to @JoeBiden  to stop negotiating with #Bolsonaro  behind closed-doors. President Biden: listen to Brazilians and Indigenous Peoples. A deal with Bolsonaro is NOT a deal for the climate or for the Amazon. #AmazonOrBolsonaro 

The future of the Amazon can’t be decided by a deal discussed behind closed doors between the US and Brazil. @JoeBiden : a deal with Bolsonaro isn't a deal for the climate. #WhichSideAreyouOn ? #AmazonOrBolsonaro 

Bolsonaro’s pro-gun stance is mostly political—loosening gun laws is cheap and simple

The Bolsonaro administration touted the herd immunity concept, opposed lockdowns and dismissed offers from vaccine companies to pre-order supplies. Those policies in 2020 resulted in large numbers of people getting infected, producing antibodies, and then getting reinfected.

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Event US Senators are warning US President@JoeBiden  on Bolsonaro’s lack of credibility to protect the Amazon. It's time to choose #WhichSideAreYouOn  #AmazonorBolsonaro 

The message from the US Senators, NGOs and civil society is clear: Bolsonaro’s actions speak for themselves and show he’s an enemy of the environment and the Amazon. @JoeBiden , a deal with Bolsonaro is NOT a deal for the climate.

“Our public health system is capable of doing much more, but we simply don’t have enough vaccines. We shall never forget that last year Mr. Bolsonaro’s government turned down an offer of 70 million vaccine doses from Pfizer.”

Jair Bolsonaro wants every Brazilian to have a gun

But the pace of immunization is very slow in Brazil because Bolsonaro didn’t bother to enter into arrangements with vaccine producers ahead of the second wave. That means those who are getting vaccinated have a good chance of encountering people who are sick and aren’t masking.


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Americans may think no one is handling the coronavirus worse than President Trump. But @felipeneto  says President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil is much, much worse.

Breaking News: President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil has tested positive for the coronavirus after months of dismissing its seriousness. More than 65,000 Brazilians have died.


Had a very good conversation with the newly elected President of Brazil, bolsonaro'>Jair Bolsonaro, who won his race by a substantial margin. We agreed that Brazil and the United States will work closely together on Trade, Military and everything else! Excellent call, wished him congrats!

The joint statement released with President Bolsonaro in March makes absolutely clear that I support Brazil beginning the process for full OECD membership. The United States stands by that statement and stands by @jairbolsonaro . This article is FAKE NEWS!

Jair Bolsonaro’s populism is leading Brazil to disaster

bolsonaro'>President Bolsonaro tested positive for coronavirus. Literally days after he called the crisis a “fantasy.”

There’s plenty of competition, but most ineffective world leader responding to coronavirus right now goes to bolsonaro'>Brazil President Bolsonaro. This weekend he’s blasting governors taking lockdown measures. Will seriously damage his mandate.

bolsonaro'>Jair Bolsonaro just learned the hard way that New Yorkers don’t turn a blind eye to oppression. We called his bigotry out. He ran away. Not surprised — bullies usually can’t take a punch. Good riddance. Your hatred isn’t welcome here.