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“There were 34 shell casings at the scene. It’s kind of difficult to tell exactly how many times he was actually struck," said PSLPD bolduc'>Chief John Bolduc.

Don Bolduc introducing Nikki Haley in Exeter, NH.

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Don Bolduc Becomes The Latest Die-Hard Trump Ally To Endorse Nikki Haley

EXCLUSIVE: Bolduc to Endorse Haley At NH Campaign Stop Thursday @iammgraham  / NH Journal) RLAGF3bwOc

bolduc'>Clara Yim Bolduc left her hospital job during the pandemic to become a hospice nurse. “Swapping the hospital for dying people’s homes has given me new insight into living, and dying, well,” she writes in @GlobeIdeas .

Samuel Bolduc’s first NHL goal propels Islanders in blowout win

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Samuel Bolduc's NHL debut a silver lining for reeling Islanders

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If hockey doesn't work out for bolduc'>Zachary Bolduc, he definitely has a future in Quebec politics.


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@LeaderMcConnell  has got to go! Here is the breakdown of money spent in some battleground senate seats: AZ - Masters $9m vs Kelly $73m GA - Walker $32m vs Warnock $76m NV - Laxalt $12m vs Cortes $47m NH - Bolduc $2m vs Hassan $36m Americans deserve an America First Leader!

needed to pick up one seat and not lose any, and they went with Dr. Oz, Blake Masters, Herschel Walker, and Don Bolduc. Man, I don't know.

Republican Senate candidate Gen. Don Bolduc has come from behind and is now virtually tied with Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) in New Hampshire’s Senate race, a Fabrizio, Lee & Associates poll found Friday.

Joe Rogan has admitted he lied about a school letting “furry” children use litter boxes, walking back his claims from a month ago that have since been amplified by Republican Senate Don Bolduc.

JUST IN: Republican Senate Candidate Attacked by Protester at Debate "An individual in the crowd gathered outside attempted to punch the general and was quickly apprehended & arrested," a spokesperson for Don Bolduc's campaign said. Via @PhilipECaldwell 

NEW: Don Bolduc- only to @NBCNews  says the school he accused of using litter boxes for children who identify as animals needs to "prove" the claim wrong. He tells me a parent and a student told him it was happening and he is "not backing down."

Moderator asks NH Senate candidates to name a world leader they admire: “I’m not going to say I admire anybody right now,” says Don Bolduc after a long pause. Maggie Hassan answers without hesitation: “Volodymyr Zelensky!”

NEW: At an event on Thursday, NH Republican Senate candidate Don Bolduc spread the Internet hoax kids identify as cats and use litter boxes in schools. He claimed kids were hissing at each other in school and licking each other.

Don Bolduc is within two points of beating Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire (49-47). As heating oil prices and 401k losses hit home Bolduc will win. Hard to understand why McConnell’s superpac pulled out. Hope others will step in to help win the seat for GOP.

The MAGA sweep in NH primaries suggests Trump's grip on the GOP base is getting more grotesque. Don Bolduc and Karoline Leavitt are crazed devotees of 2020 lies who spin conspiracy theories and even mimic Trump's speech patterns. MAGA thoroughly triumphed.