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Activists in Colombia placed hundreds of toys in Bogota to protest child abuse and domestic violence. Surveys show 40% of children have faced some type of physical, sexual or psychological abuse at home, especially girls. But only 3% of child abuse cases lead to convictions.

CO Around a thousand toys are scattered across Bogota's main square to raise awareness of child abuse in Colombia. Only 3% of child abuse cases end in a conviction. #NoComment 

VIDEO: Around a thousand toys are spread across Bogota's main square "The thousands of toys represent the thousands and thousands of children who are abused annually in Colombia," says Angela Rosales, national director of Aldeas Infantiles SOS

A female Coeligena helianthea hummingbird flies up to a flower on Monserrate hill in Bogota, Colombia. More photos of the day: 📷 Luisa Gonzalez

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End the violence. Protesters rally in Toulouse, France, Bogota, Colombia, Mexico City and Guatemala City to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. 1 in 3 women around the world experience physical or sexual violence says @WHO  #ENDviolence 

PA Would you rather live in Panama's tropical capital, or colourful, mountainous Bogotá, Colombia? CO

Anniversary of Colombia's national strike of 2019 marked with unrest in Bogota as protesters march towards the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in protest of the governments social and economic policies

Separate your emotions don't be misled flying over Bogota ask what's their motive sneak into silly houses of those unaware and have them do their bidding inciting fighting hating we are human beings but act like dawgs biting chewing on each other

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GRAND PRAIRIE — Crawford shut down Bogota Rivercrest’s high-powered passing attack and showed plenty of firepower of its own in rolling to an impressive 44-6 victory over the Rebels in the Class 2A Division I area playoffs at the historic…

Can you really play music without using sound? The Bogotá Music Market did that – a digital music orchestra. #BrandRap 


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Singing and dancing at over 8,000 feet, no problemo Bogota, Colombia

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? We’re blown away by the reception our friend @juanes  received in Bogota for his awesome rendition of Seek! #RockalParque2019 

Bogota ! That was incredible! Thank you so much! loved every second of it

Rep. : - Grew up in Ecuador and Columbia - Graduated from Colegio Nueva Granada high school in Bogota, Colombia - Is proficient in Spanish Here, Crenshaw gives the best argument for border security & the Wall you will ever hear. Wow. (??SOUND UP ??)

Just arrived at the stadium! Bogota we need you at your best tonight. Vaaaammmmmoooooosssss #wwatincolombia 

Just done a couple of final run throughs of the show! Can't wait now! Been a long day and the fans have been incredible in bogota! Much love

I am heartbroken for the people of Bogota. Due to the curfew tonight, unfortunately we could not put on the match I have waited so long for…