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The crew will switch their spacesuits to battery power at 7:35am ET. Terms to know: 🔽 -Egress = exit -EVA = Extravehicular Activity (spacewalk) -PGT = Pistol Grip Tool (drill) -BRT = Body Restraint Tether -APFR = Articulating Portable Foot Restraint

Watching today’s spacewalk? Here are some terms to know as two @NASA_Astronauts  work outside @Space_Station : Ingress = enter EVA = Extravehicular Activity (spacewalk) PGT = Pistol Grip Tool (drill) BRT = Body Restraint Tether APFR = Articulating Portable Foot Restraint

New to spacewalks? Here’s some useful lingo: ▪️Ingress = enter ▪️EVA = Extravehicular Activity (spacewalk) ▪️EMU = Extravehicular Mobility Unit (spacesuit) ▪️PGT = Pistol Grip Tool (drill) ▪️BRT = Body Restraint Tether (cord)