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CNN's Bob Costas: "Unconscionable" for unpaid college football players to play during pandemic

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Rick Hummel spoke with Whitey Herzog for his opinion about the best teams so far, to Jim Kaat (who has eight decades in baseball!), and Bob Costas on #MLB 's immediate future: @stlcards  #stlcards  #Cardinals 


Martin Sheen, who told Bob Costas he was an alcoholic, said he did not exactly plan the breakdown in the scene, but he knew it would be intense for him

"It isn't like anything that's preceded it or likely anything that will follow it. But still, any time these two get together the long & storied history hangs in the air." - Bob Costas@RedSox  | #MLBNShowcase  | @Yankees  | #TheRivalry 

Best Sports Show idea during the covid-19 crisis. Sounds of the Game on @MLBNetwork . A wonderful idea and Bob Costas & Tom Verducci have such a great handle on their subjects & I’ll admit as a historian of sorts of our art form it’s a reminder of how much we learn from the best!

Podcast: National Review, WSJ edit page condemn Trump delay talk; DHS ends intel on journalists; Obama eulogy praised, panned; documents detail charges against bob costas'>Ghislaine Maxwell; Bob Costas rips college football plans

"Unconscionable": Sports commentator Bob Costas questions upcoming college football season. "Playing college football under these circumstances, players not compensated, no union to protect them."

'Unconscionable': Bob Costas Rails Against Forcing a College Football Season Amid Pandemic When Players Aren't Compensated or Protected by Unions

“I see this as an ongoing game of whack-a-mole. You get the Marlins situation under control, if they can, something else is inevitably going to pop up somewhere else,” Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Costas says about the MLB season and Covid-19 cases.


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I've had a lot of people reach out to me the last few hours and tell me how much they enjoyed hearing from Bob Costas today. Honest, real talk from one of the best to ever get behind that microphone.

This is rather amazing. MLB Network starting 64 consecutive hours of Derek Jeter programming tomorrow at 6 a.m. Bob Costas looks back on legendary moments from Jeter’s career throughout the weekend. Coverage includes 13 signature games.

You're going to want to hear what Bob Costas has to say at the end 😉 #STLStayHomeOpener 

For the first time, Bob Costas tells the story of how he went from broadcasting icon to being dropped from covering his final Super Bowl.

"Do you want a President who is so tone deaf to the racial implications of this?" asks Sports broadcaster Bob Costas

Bob Costas on criticism of NFL protests: "The idea that this doesn't have something to do with race is preposterous"

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"I would vote for Bonds and Clemens into the Baseball Hall of Fame." RT if you agree with MLB Network's Bob Costas

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I had an idea to help Bob Costas over there in Russia. They're on the way. I hope you're feeling better!

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