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This is such a heart-felt and soulful tribute by @iAmNehaKakkar  for Sushant Singh Rajput. - @ShubankaSridhar , Jr. Bollywood Blogger 🐣

Our International student blogger shares her pre-graduation enthusiasm whilst adjusting to the 'new normal' Discover more:

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@ajaydevgn 's next to be about the #GalwanValley  clash. - @ShubankaSridhar , Jr. Bollywood Blogger 🐣

Are drinks breaks and timeouts here to stay in the Premier League? Our blogger examines how they have impacted English football...

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"It was not the first time I received death threats […], but this time it was on a mass scale." Russian-MalianbloggerMaria Magdalena Tunkara braves insults and death threats to discuss topics like #BlackLivesMatter  in Russia

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Have you seen Desmond Amofah aka Etika? He was last heard from June 19 at about 8PM by phone. He is 29 years old, approx 6 feet tall, and 160 lbs. He is a known @YouTube  blogger and has many people concerned after a recent video. Call @NYPDTips  anonymously with info 800-577-TIPS

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This blogger drinks her friend's SPERM every day... and claims it gives her energy

Iranian-American fashion blogger@hodakatebi  kept her cool when a TV anchor questioned her American-ness on live TV.

Dont focus on ANY blogger criticism. I have been a producer/songwriter/musician for over 10 years. Trust the artist bloggers are not critics

yea i kno i look like an aesthetic blogger but this was too cool to pass up sry

People are outraged about this Kuwaiti beauty blogger's rant about giving her domestic worker a day off.

JUST ANNOUNCED: Welcome to the Liars family, ! Sofia joins the cast of spinoff pilot “: The #prettylittleliarstionists '>Perfe #PrettyLittleLiarstionists ” as Ava, a beautiful trendsetting blogger and coder, who strives to be a fashion icon. She joins + .

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Can we at least mention that the Senate Judiciary voted to put a blogger w/no legal experience on the federal bench for life?

The writings of SaudibloggerRaif Badawi, sentenced to 1,000 lashes. Plse RT as widely as possible