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For all the tough talk from some of their leaders about the European Union, many Poles have grown very attached to the aid that flows their way from the bloc.

Poland's fight with the E.U. has raised the small possibility of the country leaving the bloc. Despite their leaders' flame-throwing rhetoric, conservative supporters of the ruling party are dependent on millions of euros in aid and don’t want to risk it.

A group of independents and representatives from the October Movement plan to form an independent parliamentary bloc to oppose powerful forces and parties in the political arena

An EU move to ditch oil-linked gas contracts paid off when gas was in ample supply but will cost bloc members an estimated $30 billion this year

'Authoritarian empire’: EU ‘blackmailing to get worse’ once bloc has its own army'

The EU's competition police have started gathering evidence on whether soaring energy prices can be blamed on illegal activity by any of the bloc's main gas suppliers.

Japan's ruling bloc could win more than 261 seats, enough to effectively control all standing committees in the Lower House and push their legislative agenda forward, a new survey shows.

Brussels' competition police have started gathering evidence on whether soaring energy prices can be blamed on illegal activity by any of the bloc's main gas suppliers.

The decision to exclude the junta leader was a huge rebuke to Myanmar's military and a rare, bold step by a regional bloc known for its code of consensus, noninterference and engagement.

U.S. President #JoeBiden  will join Southeast Asian leaders for a virtual summit on Tuesday, the first time in four years that Washington will engage at the top level with a bloc seen as key to countering an increasingly assertive China.


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CPIM's Sitaram Yechury, CPl's D Raja, Lok Sabha MP S.Senthilkumar, G. Devarajan, Secy, Central Committee of All India Forward Bloc & Du Xiaolin, Counselor, International Dept, CPC, participated in a Chinese Embassy event y'day to mark the centenary of Chinese Communist Party(CPC)

It’s official. Democrats are united behind my DISCLOSE Act, which would end the plague of dark money corrupting our politics. Mitch McConnell is leading Republicans en bloc against it to defend dark money. Do the math.

Having spent hours watching Bill C-10 committee hearings, I’m out. MPs are voting on amendments that have never been made public, no experts to ask, no discussion, no debate. This is what Liberals, NDP and Bloc voted for. This is not how laws are supposed to be made in Canada.

Vaccine skepticism is more widespread among white evangelicals than almost any other major bloc of Americans, recent surveys show. The findings amid the pandemic are arousing concern even within evangelical circles.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh kicked out of House for refusing to apologize for calling Bloc MP a racist

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Joe Biden is not a racist. But he is an old-time politician who sees black Americans as a voting bloc that is supposed to unthinkingly be for him. If not, there is something wrong with them, not him. He does stereotype blacks in weird ways, hence his question “are you a junkie?”

Can’t get enough of these videos where black bloc cosplayers get exposed by actual protesters

‘Use your British common sense,’ says the man who persuaded the British public to vote to be poorer, abolish their own freedoms & leave the largest trading bloc in the world while haemorrhaging jobs & workers. *Before* going on holiday at the beginning of the Covid19 outbreak.

2) We can and SHOULD ban together with the rest of the free world in an economic bloc AGAINST China. It’s clear #China  lies thus there must be consequences. Who needs or wants China’s markets when they are are not trustworthy trade partners?

Important part of this Sanders livestream: "I will stay on the ballot in all remaining states and continue to gather delegates." Concedes to Biden, not releasing delegates, and holding out hope of a big enough delegate bloc to influence platform/primary rules.