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From 'Last Song' to 'Wrecking Ball' and wedded bliss ... to over?

New Bliss'>Fort Bliss hospital cost rises to $1.4 billion as construction end nears

The era of GOP ignorance-is-bliss appears to be over

Bliss'>Fort Bliss hospital cost rises to $1.4 billion as years of troubled construction near end

“In silent surrender there is bliss and prayer without request or demand. There is no doer, experiencer, lover or beloved. There is only a divine current." ― Jean Klein#JoyPublicity 

Consumers Choose Saving Over Spending As Key To Financial Bliss: The Financial Bliss Survey, conducted by the Harris Poll, found that consumers are prioritizing savings in 2019, up from 23% in CIT Bank's 2018… ^ ^ @FAmagazine 


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frank ocean's voice + piano = pure bliss 😌🥰

Happy birthday, dear princess! One year of bliss! Love you!👏🏽🎂❤

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Marital bliss they say.. 😍♥️💋

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i realized the other day I’ve been sat looking out windows in the backseat of cars, smiling to myself like i’m in an indie movie thinking “like, damn this is happy?! this is extraordinarily tight!” and catching myself in that moment of innocent bliss is truly priceless.

Ignorance is bliss. But only for the ignorant. For the rest of us it's a pain in the fucking arse.

the Palm trees and the ocean and the sun here remind me so much of living in Cuba and i feel this mix of nostalgia and peace and bliss