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All this "there's no evidence anyone tried to obstruct Corbyn in 2017" when 172 Lab MPs stood up in the house one after the other the year before pretty much to say "I wish to obstruct Jeremy Corbyn." When Blair, Mandelson and Campbell all openly admitted it. #Hilarious 

Labour Peer Lord Mandelson gives his answer on whether he thinks Sir Keir Starmer is "Tony Blair with a sharper haircut." @eddiemair 

“Both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have sent him recorded messages” Lord Mandelson told @Emmabarnett  his friend Derek Draper has coronavirus damage to his lungs, liver and kidneys, but that an "enormous lot of people" are helping him and his “wonderful” wife @kategarraway 

And the old joke: Tony Blair's earpiece falls out and he drops dead; the first person on the scene picks up the earpiece and notices Peter Mandelson's voice coming out of it: "Breathe in; breathe out; breathe in..."

Labour 2.0? Lord Mandelson says Keir Starmer taking same path as Blair & New Labour @UKLabour 

Labour 2.0? Lord Mandelson says Keir Starmer taking same path as Blair & New Labour @UKLabour 

"Peter Mandelson was twice obliged to resign, because Blair accepted that his man must be seen to pay at least a token price for being found out. Today, however, post-truth government demands no such penance from Cummings" - Max Hastings

The message Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Ed Balls, and Peter Mandelson were giving out: "Come to London with your dodgy financial-services businesses and deals. You'll be able to commit fraud with impunity. We've got a regulator who's programmed not to care" [paraphrased]

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Mark Francois playing the Bruges Group audience like a fiddle - he is calling out Remainer names ("Blair! Mandelson! Hammond! Cooper! Benn!") to audience boos. Warns that they should not "winge when people see through you and become a little bit ticked off as a result" #cpc19 

Among a group of politicians that included Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson, the biggest boos were reserved for the likes of Dominic Grieve and Philip Hammond, reports @MrSteerpike 


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Brown ➡Pimco Blair ➡JPMorgan Darling ➡Morgan Stanley Mandelson➡Lazards Hague ➡Citi King ➡Citi Osborne➡BlackRock

Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson, Lord Adonis, Keir Starmer, Tom Watson, Neil Kinnock, Hilary Benn, Yvette Cooper? Your boys are going to get a hell of a beating today. And it couldn’t happen to a less lovely bunch #Brexit 

Stand back and look at what has happened. Brussels has made a calculatedly punitive offer, advised at every stage by Blair/Mandelson/Clegg/Major, who aim to reverse the 2016 vote. They now want to make us choose between deliberately harsh terms and Remain. So much for democracy.

For me, Ken, and SO many others to continue to be expelled from @UKLabour  while Blair and Mandelson are in it, is painfully absurd #GE2017 

This, a crisis not of Corbynism but Blairism. Blair and Mandelson wrecked their own party's campaign. Both candidates were bitter Blairites/

"Owen Smith is trying to convince us he's as left wing as Corbyn. So why are Blair, Campbell, Mandelson all supporting him?" LIVE @talkRADIO 

So, the "In" campaign will be led by Mandelson, Clarke, Blair etc. Let's recall what they said about the euro.