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Retired 4-star Army general Lloyd Austin was confirmed last month as 28th @LloydAustin . Before Secretary Austin became the 1st Black SecDef, he was the 1st Black general to comm @USArmynd  a division in combat. More on this history-making leade @GotYourSix  via

"I'm all in favor of including more black and brown faces. I just don't understand why we have to include the arms industry." My mini-rant on Biden's pick for SecDef, Lloyd Austin, a board member at Raytheon, which makes $$$ out of Saudi & the Yemen war:

The nomination of Gen Austin for SecDef is poignant to West Pointers - and represents something of a full circle moment He’s from the same town, Thomasville, Ga., that produced the first black West Point graduate: Henry O. Flipper, who was born a slave.

I asked SECDEF Esper today why it took it took him a week to address the death of George Floyd, despite pain in the country and 200K black service members on active duty. He cited concerns about keeping the Pentagon apolitical. In the last 72 hours, he said, that changed. 1/

#SECDEF: Over 58k names inscribed on black granite in the #VietnamWar  memorial...because of Kettles there are 44 names not on that wall....

“A UH-60 Black Hawk aircraft was involved in an accident last night near Eglin Air Force Base,” says SecDef Carter#AUMF 

#SecDef in Romania: Strengthening partnership w/Black Sea naval presence, F-16s, & missile defense.

MT @lbaldor : SecDef says ongoing US ship presence in Black Sea shows US commitment to the region @NAVEUR_NAVAF 

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