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Reeves encourages rural and Black Mississippians to get vaccinated

How Black Mississippians found their power during Jackson's water emergency

Black Mississippians face alarming Covid vaccine inequity ... like people of color across the country...

Weeks after the winter storms, thousands of Black Mississippians still don't have running water

Two weeks after the winter storms, thousands of Black Mississippians still don't have running water

Senate passes 'voter fraud' bill that some say could disenfranchise Black Mississippians@BobbyHarrison9  / Mississippi Today)

150 yrs ago today, the first Legislature in Radical Reconstruction met in Mississippi. 226+ Black Mississippians held public office. They adopted a new state constitution that ushered in free public schools. #MondayThoughts  #History  #HistoryMattersM #tdihatters

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An Ocean Springs doctor and others are working to build trust in the vaccine with Black Mississippians. “If we’re willing to do it and feel safe about it, I think a lot of people will say, ‘That’s probably OK.’”

The talent & ambition of Mississippians never ceases to amaze me. ICYMI, Noah Harris of @Hattiesburg_MS  made history recently as the first Black man to be elected to Student Body President of @Harvard . This achievement fits with Noah’s long track record of leadership and service.

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With almost no early voting, Black Mississippians must brave long lines at the polls amid a coronavirus second wave, which a top health official says is driven by white people who won't wear masks

Mississippians in November will decide whether to change a Jim Crow-era voting provision that critics say suppresses Black political power

The lawmakers still fighting to keep the flag don’t care about Black Mississippians. They don’t care about the state’s economic future. They don’t care if the state is divided because they were never here to serve the state in the first place. They’re bad at their jobs.

Unita Blackwell Risked It All So Black Mississippians Could Vote - The New York Times

Black Mississippians with a stinging critique of the newly constructed civil rights museum in Jackson, and of Trump and his supporters.

James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, & Andrew Goodman died trying to register black Mississippians to vote. Your vote is your voice. #Vote2014