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POLL: Should #LeavingCert  students be returning to school in the Covid climate? #bknt 

UP NEXT:  we hear how Ireland’s homeless services will be working this Christmas time. @PMVTrust  #homelessness  #BKNT 

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COMING UP: driving home for Christmas! We look at what will be a busy day on our roads. @aaroadwatch  #BKNT 

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COMING UP:  Calls to resummon the Dáil to debate radical new restrictions. @Toibin1  @jlamber55605930  #COVID19  #BKNT 

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When might we see people back at sports games? Potentially Autumn is the answer from Taoiseach@MichealMartinTD  on #BKNT 

'I'm hopeful they can pull this off' - Taoiseach@MichealMartinTD  on a potential Brexit deal being reached #BKNT 

'The early months of Spring, the focus will be on older people and over 65s' - Taoiseach@MichealMartinTD  on vaccine rollout #BKNT 

'The New Year's day swim and get together are gone.' Taoiseach@MichealMartinTD  on his plans over the festive period #BKNT 

'It is a strong likelihood.' - Taoiseach@MichealMartinTD  on pubs and restaurants being closed before New Year's Eve#BKNT 

'You need balance...Protecting life and public health is the over arching objective.' - @MichealMartinTD  on #BKNT 


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"I know you can't live under a rock" @SimonHarrisTD  has a message for college students on @NTBreakfast  #BKNT 

“We should be avoiding lockdown at all cost” says @ciarakellydoc  on @BreakfastNT  #BKNT 

Do we need to change how we report Covid-19 cases? @ciarakellydoc  has her say on @BreakfastNT  #BKNT 

'The Government doesn't care if you ordered the banoffee', @SimonHarrisTD  tells @BreakfastNT  #BKNT 

How would you vote in a United Ireland poll? @sinnfeinireland  have called for a border poll within 5 years #BKNT 

"My sources tell me we will have a general election on the 20th of November, you heard it here first" - an energetic Ivan at 7.11am #bknt 

"Cork North West, one of the most conservative constituencies, 55 Yes, 45 No" - Shane Coleman on @BreakfastNT  #BKNT