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@MicroStrategy  is buying the dip, scooping up $10 million worth of bitcoin today. Crypto news roundup on @JanetYellen  confirmation, the Tether-bitcoin-pumping-scam debate and more, with @christinenews :

"To them, it's not a thing you trade, it's not a get rich quick thing, it's a belief." Joe Weisenthal@TheStalwart ) explains what makes Bitcoin so attractive to its investors despite its volatility. Full segment:

@TokenInsight  looks into the slowing down of Bitcoin since it's recent colossal price rise. #Crypto  #Cryptocurrencyc #Bitcoin #BTCrrency  $BTC

⚡️ Here's what makes Bitcoin so attractive despite its volatility

Bitcoin Core lead maintainer Wladimir van der Laan@orionwl ) has decided to take "even more" of a "background role" in the project for the sake of decentralization. @AlyssaHertig  reports

Kevin O'Leary on why he won't invest in bitcoin: It's a 'giant nothing-burger'

@CypressXMX  That was point made in the blog post. #Tether  seems to be the biggest source of buyers for #bitcoin  Invalidates arguement about "independence " of bitcoin from crypto "issuers " Just another #Flutter  kiddies....

#Bitcoin: BTCUSD ( $BTCUSD) DOWN 1.5509%! Last at 32451.2168 #Crypto  #MasterMetals 

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Bitcoin is almost as bs as fiat money

I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air. Unregulated Crypto Assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity....

Things that didn't exist on Christmas 15 years ago: iPhone Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram iPad Netflix streaming Google Maps Snapchat Spotify Android Uber Lyft Alexa Airbnb App Store Google Chrome WhatsApp Fitbit Waze Slack Square Dropbox Pinterest Venmo Bitcoin Hulu Kindle

FRIENDS 2018 PLOTLINES -Joey eats Tide pods, goes to hospital (guest star Ellen Pompeo) -Chandler won't shut up about how funny his Vines were -Ed Sheeran cameo interrupts Phoebe's Central Perk set -Ross gets everyone into Bitcoin -The One Where The Gang Realizes Their Privilege

Wow, if I had invested $1,000 in Bitcoin last week, today I would have... still no idea how Bitcoin works.

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