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Twitter seems to have blocked Bitchute I tried a couple links, they did not work cc @Styx666Official 

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@tokenwhiteguy3  One video removed; the channel is still there. I reposted the alleged "offending " video on Bitchute and changed the pointers. It's still there.

@BruceWStanley  Re-uploaded it to Bitchute. Since when is re-publishing the EXACT SAME DATA, the Government publishes OFF THEIR WEB PAGE DIRECTLY VIA SCREEN CAPTURE "misinformation? "

Interesante: Shut the Fuck Up-The Tell Me Sweet Little Lies Edition, September 14, 2020 vía @BitChute 

In 2017 & 2018 Covid-19 Test Kits PLANNED for 223 Countries - World Bank Site vía @BitChute 

Frontline Physicians Aim to Dispel ‘Massive’ COVID-19 ‘Disinformation Campaign’ #BitChute 

Twitter is flagging links to #BitChute  as HARMFUL 🤨


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Platforms that DON'T censor speech * Protonmail * Tutanota * MeWe * * Gabai * Diaspora * Bitchute * Librepay * Wire * peertube * Duckduckgo instead of search engine * OpenStreetmap instead of Google maps

As mainstream social media platforms ban rising numbers of far-right extremists, a UK-based version of YouTube is providing a new home for “hate and terror” BitChute is one of a series of "alternative" social networks profiting from takedowns

All of my livestreams this week will be backed up on @TwitChuteX  - thank you, Bitchute team, for providing a free speech sanctuary!

@davidpakmanshow  no they can't Gab got banned by nearly every service SubStar got axed from paypal and stripe Bitchute got axed from paypal Minds was removed from app stores and had to fight to get reinstated this list is not exhaustive

BitChute is a BitTorrent-Powered YouTube Alternative