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#Venezuela has massive fuel shortages despite having the largest oil reserves in the world. #Maduro  has turned to #Iran , another #Corrupt  autocracy to bolster supply. Birds of a feather flock together.

The health of #Penguins  can tell us a lot about the health of our land and seas. This scientist in #Argentina  wants to sound the alarm about the #Plasticpollution  affecting these birds.

America’s two eagle species have faced threats for centuries. But conservation policies that protect the birds stifled some Native American religious traditions. Eagle repositories aim to bridge that gap.

Bird’s electric scooters can now be unlocked with Bluetooth

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#WednesdayWisdom Do birds count the eggs in their nests?

Rufous necked hornbill c. Valentina D #birds 

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Cotton candy clouds in a turquoise sky. Birds warble. A fox slinks across the grass. Coffee. Cream. Biscuits. Jam. Good morning.

Birds of a Feather: The Stepchickens cult on TikTok is the next evolution of the influencer business by @abebrown716 

As we go through spring, Colorado Parks and Wildlife says there are ways to attract birds without attracting bears.​


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A birdie told me it was your birthday @selenagomez . Many tweets from the bird or may have been several birds maybe? #HappyBirthdaySelena 

Maharashtra: Large number of migratory Flamingobirds seen at the creek in Navi Mumbai.

Birds went #1  Very proud Tour soon Thank you to fans Astroworld 2017

kinda weirded out that no one got the secret meaning of #boyfriend  Obviously listening closely you can tell its about the migration of birds

@maaaaaaalik please send him back to me !! Avoid royal mail they don't have a good history with birds!

Goodnight world, see you tomorrow when the sun is up the birds are chirping and I'm complaining about it

John Brennan — who publicly admitted voting for the Communist Party candidate for President in 1976 — has now endorsed Beto. Brennan led the CIA while we undermined and weakened Israel, strengthened North Korea, ignored ISIS, and gave billions to Iran. Birds of a feather....

in honor of oil-soaked birds, 'tweets' are now 'gurgles.