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The banter in the shipyards was legendary during Billy Connolly’s time working there. #BillyAndUs  - streaming here:

I can’t RT because it’s a bit post-watershed... but @swear_trek ’s latest is brilliant for Scottish fans of The Next Generation who also appreciate Billy Connolly’s best swearing.

"I hadn’t the foggiest idea!" Billy Connolly was a bit naiive about the birds and the bees when he was younger. #BillyAndUs  - now streaming:

"Without the shipyards I would never have been a comedian." - Billy Connolly#BillyAndUs  - watch at 10.30pm:

“It wasn’t pleasant the way it is now.” Billy Connolly's school days certainly provided him with plenty of material. #BillyAndUs  is now streaming:

“The stuff I did about childhood has had a profound effect on people.” Billy Connolly talks about his younger years – and how they impacted his comedy, in #BillyAndUs  – 10.30pm tonight:

#OnThisDay 1980: Billy Connolly was in irreverent but slightly more introspective form on Parkinson. Bonus autoharp loveliness to end.

billy connolly'>Sir Billy Connolly: I can't perform the way I used to. It doesn't roll the way it used to.

Jonathan Barton, former vice-principal of Ballet West Scotland, of which billy connolly'>Sir Billy Connolly is a patron, is facing allegations he abused his position at the £9,000-a-year boarding school his family runs.


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billy connolly'>Sir Billy Connolly says his Parkinson's diagnosis means he is finished on stage, saying it was "lovely being good at it". The comedian's also spoken about politics, calling Boris Johnson "a big, silly toff" - full interview here:

As Kent becomes a lorry park greetings from the Swiss border to the Brexit liars with their charlatan claims to leave single market/customs union are keep frictionless trade. Listening to Billy Connolly brilliant book. ‘He says Brexit is ‘a sin and a crime.’ Absolutely Billy. 1/2

"That's poetry whether you like it or naw." Billy Connolly on Glasgow's poetic love of swearing. *Warning: contains poetry and swearing*

“Scots voted to stay in Europe and if the only way for us to do that is to become independent from England that may just be the way to go. And I never thought I would say that.” - Longstanding opponent of Scottish independence, Billy Connolly.

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cosy, doesn't try it on. – BILLY CONNOLLY

billy connolly'>Sir Billy Connolly has admitted he is 'near the end' and his life is 'slipping away', as he spoke about his fight with Parkinson’s disease

"Overjoyed" - Billy Connolly's reaction to seeing his 75th birthday gift from Glasgow. Portrait of a Lifetime, Wednesday, 9pm, BBC One Scot

Congratulations to Billy Connolly who today received a Knighthood from The Duke of Cambridge for his services to entertainment & charity.