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Nathan Chen says he reached out with words of support to Simone Biles following Tokyo Olympics. He adds that Serena Williams had reached out to him after his Olympic struggles in 2018: "That was impactful for me," he says of Serena's notes to him #Beijing2022 

Less than 2% of MGM Resort International’s salaried workers chose to quit or were fired over the company’s vaccine mandate.

“He was the best president we never had. I think he could have been elected president. I don’t think there’s any question about that. But he chose a different route. His family was opposed to the idea, and everyone respected that,” Huntsman said.

Nick Rolovich chose two weeks of FOX News guest appearances over being a power-five football coach

The state’s No. 1 prospect, Williams chose the Sooners over Florida, Missouri and Southern California.

@Ticketmaster  @theweeknd  This message to ticket-holders isn’t accurate. The event organizer did not “have to” cancel this show; they chose to in order to make more money at a bigger venue. Just be straight with us. #saveyourtears 

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Kevin Steele said he chose to return to Tennessee based on emotion, but then he was fired less than two months later.

State Sen. Annette Taddeo announced she’ll run for Florida governor Monday, entering a Democratic primary that includes U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist, who chose her as his running mate in an unsuccessful bid for governor in 2014.

Evergreen Public Schools in #VanWa  reports more than 99% of staff is meeting the mandate. For those who chose not to be vaccinated the district tells me “we wish them well in their next endeavors” #LiveOnK2 

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What the world is seeing now in Afghanistan is what the world chose to ignore for far too long. War is hell. It always has been. And it always will be. Its currency is death, dismemberment, desperation, and fear. It doesn’t end in parades. It ends in caskets.

Simone Biles won nationals w/broken toes in both feet, worlds w/a kidney stone, and has carried the burden of being a face of sexual assault survivors as a national institution failed to support them Half of y'all yelling about "toughness" can't handle wearing a mask in Wegman's

Conservatives Blast Simone Biles For Robbing Them Of Opportunity To Criticize Her Win

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The American people won’t forget that in the middle of a pandemic, Republicans chose to confirm a judge instead of passing legislation to bring relief to those who desperately need it.

The American people chose to retire four Republican Senators and elect a Democratic majority to this Senate. Senator McConnell’s proposal for how to organize the Senate is unacceptable—and it won’t be accepted.

Today, 15 Republican Senators chose not to attend Trump's trial. They should be held in contempt of Congress. Jurors in criminal trials cannot get up and leave the courtroom. If they did, they'd be held in contempt of court, and face possible fines and jail.

The voters made their choice, and they chose decisively.

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Ann Dorn told the story the media chose to ignore because it wasn't politically beneficial to them.

The Presidential Debates Commission is a disgrace 1st they chose a Biden intern that was fired for lying about being hacked Next moderator is a “former” Dem operative Now they eliminate little things like Foreign Policy form the debate to save Joe from his corruption. WTF!!!

Sad but not surprising. The Senate GOP chose to let $600 a week in unemployment benefits expire for 30 million Americans, but had no problem giving the Pentagon another $740 billion. We need new national priorities. Let's stand with workers, not the Military Industrial Complex.