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Um, does anyone else have a problem w/tote bags full of absentee ballots being carted off in white vans via a Biden-promoted scheme in Madison, WI, which has received $2M in "election integrity" grants from Obama/Zuckerberg-tied group? Cuz@VickiMcKenna  & I have a problem w/it!

Joe Biden promoted the medical importance of vaccines—specifically a future one for COVID-19—while reiterating his staunch mistrust of his opponent. “Let me be clear: I trust vaccines. I trust scientists. But I don’t trust Donald Trump,” Biden said.

For decades, Joe Biden promoted the War on Drugs. Now, experts say Biden’s laws ended up worsening the opioid epidemic.

"On the same night President Trump launched his reelection bid with a big serving of anti-immigration red meat, [Joe] Biden promoted his relationship with two segregationist Democrats," writes @Joan_Vennochi .