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@dbongino  exposed the Biden Trifecta this morning on @foxandfriends . 1️⃣ Decrease police funding 2️⃣ Confiscate lawfully owned firearms 3️⃣ Bail out criminals Do you want to live in this America? No? VOTE NOV. 3!

So let's get this straight... @JoeBiden  wants to take our guns, "redistribute" police funding, and his VP pick and staffers work actively to bail out dangerous criminals? This Biden Trifecta will leave Americans completely defenseless.

BIDEN TRIFECTA 🚨 Put confiscation-promising @BetoORourke  in charge of our 2nd Amendment & implement gun control. 🚨 "Redistribute" funding for police helping to keep our communities safe. 🚨 @KamalaHarris  & Biden staffers help promote funds to bail out dangerous criminals.

The best part about a Biden-Democratic trifecta next year will be slow news days, especially on weekends.

WATCH Full #SundaySquareOff  interview with @MichaelSteele  on Cindy McCain's endorsement of Biden, whether GOP would stop Trump's election challenge & why he's not satisfied w GOP Supreme Court trifecta. #12News  #BattlegroundAZ 

Biden is as well-positioned as an out-party presidential candidate could hope to be, but winning a Democratic "trifecta" could be perilous. @CharlieCookDC 's latest "Off to the Races"

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This is preliminary and subject to change but we're somewhere in the ballpark of: 60-65%:D trifecta 10-15%: Biden + D House + R Senate 5%:Trump + D Congress 10%: Trump + R Senate + D House 10%: GOP Trifecta

Biden’s presidency will be defined by his response to America’s terrible trifecta of pandemic, recession and social strife. Not by Israelis and Palestinians @aarondmiller2  | Opinion

Peter Navarro on @SundayFutures : "I think everybody remembers back in 1988 when Biden ran for president and did the trifecta of plagiarism ... And now he's just blatantly ripping off the president's 'Buy American' agenda."


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Joe Biden defended the NRA and decried busing, so all he needs is to say he’s personally opposed to abortion and he’ll have the Southie Democrat trifecta.

Hilary definitely hit the trifecta last night #Bloomberg  #Biden  #Obama  all inspired. amazed that some I know still voting #trump . #Nologic 

Is Joe Biden running for president? He'll wrap up an early-state trifecta soon.

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