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The Biden administration unveiled a plan to invest $9 billion in minority communities. The effort is a priority of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, who has warned that the fallout from the pandemic is exacerbating inequality in the U.S.

Catherine Wolfram, a professor at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business will join the climate team at the Treasury Department. President Biden has now picked three women from Berkeley’s business school to help lead the Treasury.

Equity volatility continues, as the Nasdaq is now 7% lower than the Feb highs of just 3 weeks ago. Treasury Yields rise dramatically lately, and not for the right reasons, spooking Stocks. It increasingly looks like Biden faces a Bond Market Revolt...

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SCOOP via @LJMoynihan : A consortium of crypto industry leaders looking to lobby and educate Biden Administration's SEC and Treasury Dept on the biz to prevent massive regulation. Incoming SEC chief Gary Genlser will be scrutinizing crypto more now @FoxBusiness 

Treasury yields rise following Biden's vaccine supply pledge

Sensex Soars 1,148 Points; Nifty Nears 15,250: Indian shares rose for the third day running Wednesday on the back of firm global cues as U.S. Treasury yields retreated and the Biden administration announced measures to scale up capacity to… RTT

Asian Markets RallyEquities rose in Asia on Monday as investors took a breather following last week’s heavy selling, with a drop in US Treasury yields giving markets some much-needed stability, while the passage of Joe Biden’s stimulus through the Hous…

Dollar gives little to pay the debts. Forecast as of 01.03.2021 Investors are not satisfied with too low yields at the auctions. Amid the new fiscal stimulus of $1.9 trillion from Joe Biden, it suggests the Treasury yields rally should continue. Ho…

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Yellen’s encore: Treasury Secretary lending economic heft to Biden’s coronavirus plan

Janet Yellen thought her public service days were behind her after former President Trump declined to offer her a second term as chair of the Federal Reserve in 2018. Instead, she's back for an encore at age 74 as President Biden's treasury secretary.


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First 100 Days. Biden to start printing money. 1st Step change the rules of the Fed. That is why Janet Yellen, former Fed Chairman is Sec of Treasury. Once Fed rules changed helicopters start dropped money directly to people. Dollar will be destroyed. Buy gold silver Bitcoin.

Speaking of Treasury, I see Joe Biden says he intends to nominate Janet Yellen, former chair of the Federal Reserve to run the treasury. Talk about letting the fox in the henhouse. AUDIT THE FED! AUDIT THE TREASURY! AUDIT YELLEN AND BIDEN!! AUDIT EVERYTHING!

President Biden’s Treasury Department aims to speed up the process of adding Harriet Tubman to the front of the $20 bill after the Trump administration halted the currency redesign, the White House press secretary said on Monday.

By a vote of 84 to 15, Janet Yellen is now the 78th US Treasury Secretary and the first woman to ever serve in that role. President Biden now has three confirmed members of his cabinet.

How do we know tonight’s press conference isn’t on the level? The DNI knew for months there was a Russian agent who had penetrated Trump’s inner circle in order to spread fake anti-Biden propaganda press conference. Just a footnote in a Treasury sanctions announcement.

Gordon Chang: China Seems ‘to Be Favoring Joe Biden‘ in Presidential Election via . Of course they want @BreitbartNewsiden . I have taken $Billions from China and given it to our Farmers and U.S. Treasury. China would own the U.S. if Biden & Hunter got in!

So Treasury is (possibly) handing over SARs for Hunter Biden but is in court to stop Congress from seeing Trump's tax returns as explicitly directed by law.

Treasury Dept refuses to release Trump's tax returns, despite subpoena; but has complied with GOP senators’ requests for highly sensitive financial records about Hunter Biden & his associates and has turned over “‘evidence’ of questionable origin” to them

BREAKING: The U.S. Treasury Dept. has complied with Republican Senators’ requests for highly sensitive and closely-held financial records about Hunter Biden and his associates and turned over “‘evidence’ of questionable origin” to them via @nycsouthpaw 

This is bad. The Treasury Department, which broke the law to avoid giving Congress Trump's tax returns, is turning over records related to Hunter Biden in response to requests from GOP Senators. The sharp contrast demands answers, one exert tells me: