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#US USPresident Joe Biden has already seen a soon-to-be released intelligence report detailing the murder of journalist Jamal#Khashoggi  inside the #Saudi  SA consulate in Istanbul. Biden is due to speak with #SaudiArabiaArabia ’s King Salman for the first time since taking office.

U.S. President Joe Biden and Saudi Arabia's King Salman are expected to speak soon by phone, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said

Pres. Biden, Canadian PM Trudeau speak after virtual meeting

LIVE: Biden and Trudeau speak following bilateral meeting

WATCH LIVE: President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speak after their first bilateral meeting

Biden to speak with Saudi king ahead of Khashoggi report: report

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via pooler @EliStokols , the news media was ushered out of the Biden/Trudeau virtual meeting as Biden was talking about the five years he spent trying to learn French and how “every time I tried to speak it I made such a fool out of myself.” (Blinken is fluent).

That’s a wrap on our bilateral meeting with @PresElectBiden  Biden. Tune in now as we speak about what we covered and the ambitious roadmap we’ve outlined for the weeks, months, and years ahead:

WATCH LIVE: Trudeau, Biden to speak to media after 1st bilateral meeting


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Both Trump and Biden spoke to George Floyd’s brother. Biden listened. Trump didn’t even give Philonise Floyd a chance to speak.

NEW: Joe Biden and his advisers are inheriting no #coronavirus  vaccine distribution plan to speak of from the Trump administration, sources tell CNN. "There is nothing for us to rework. We are going to have to build everything from scratch," one source said.

We know that Hunter Biden has a crack problem Why would a company put him on their board when he doesn't speak the language and has no experience in the sector... and is a crackhead Seems like he was selling something else

80 days since Joe Biden held a press conference or did just about anything that wasn’t scripted. How could he possibly make the decisions required of the Presidency if he can’t speak/think without a promoter? He can’t, but the media will give his incompetence a pass. Enough!

Going Nevada & Arizona to speak on behalf of BIDEN HARRIS

The numbers speak for themselves! Pres. Trump has provided health care SAVINGS to our seniors. AZ—premiums ⬇️22% after ⬆️64% w/ Obama-Biden. NV—premiums ⬇️55% after ⬆️47% w/ Obama-Biden. NC—premiums ⬇️44% after ⬆️44% w/ Obama-Biden. OH—premiums ⬇️39% after ⬆️29% w/ Obama-Biden.

The Trump Campaign has more ENTHUSIASM, according to many, than any campaign in the history of our great Country - Even more than 2016. Biden has NONE! The Silent Majority will speak on NOVEMBER THIRD!!! Fake Suppression Polls & Fake News will not save the Radical Left.

Wow. Joe Biden is overseas telling Europeans that America is an embarrassment! Seriously?! You do not speak for us, Joe. There are millions of proud, liberty-loving Americans who think YOU are the embarrassment!

Tens of thousands of ballots all for Joe Biden being shipped to Iowa from Broward County Florida as we speak. “Don’t worry folks we got this covered” DNC operatives. #IowaCaucuses 

Seriously tho How is Joe Biden really the Democratic frontrunner? He doesn't know where he is, he can barely speak, and he inappropriately touches women and girls