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Opinion: Biden’s Iran challenge will be engaging its people

@Rob_Malley , the Biden admin's likely nominee to serve as the next Iran envoy, "played no positive role" in securing the release of a Chinese-American academic who was wrongly imprisoned in Iran for more than three year. via @Kredo0 

Now the hawks - who opposed the Iran deal and pressed Trump into a losing strategy - want to tell Biden he can't hire people to work on the Iran brief who support diplomacy. That's nuts.

Join @AllisonKSommer  and @AlonPinkas  Tuesday (9 PM in Israel, 2 PM EST) to discuss Biden’s Iran dilemma | Zoom with us

Biden’s Iran challenge will be engaging its people, @JRezaian  writes

President Biden is rethinking U.S. policy on Iran. @jrezaian 's advice: Focus on the Iranian people.

Biden official says US seeking direct dialogue with Iran – report

#Opinion| #Biden ’s First Foreign Policy Blunder Could Be on #Iran 

#PlattsMM : The #weekahead  with Fred Wang * Japan's crude #oil  imports seen falling 5-10% * Biden’s next steps on Iran, Venezuela#sanctions  in focus * JKM below $9/MMbtu as #LNG  cargo shortage eases 🎬Full video (3:22):

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President Biden's Executive Orders will not benefit working-class Americans.   They benefit China, Russia, Iran, illegal immigrants, and the liberal elite.

9/ What's happening is clear. American intel agencies, that are supposed to be totally apolitical, have been folded into Trump's campaign. They are keeping info about Russian interference hidden, and overhyping info about China and Iran helping Biden.

The Biden papers is the even bigger story. What’s in there about China? What’s in there about hunter? Valery? Frank? James? Russia? He admitted Putin dealings today. What about other foreign governments? Anything on Iran? What about major issues of domestic policy importance?

Biden = Plane loads of cash to nations like Iran The plane my father sent? "That plane was on a different mission – an air strike to take out the head of Iran’s terror machine who plotted the deaths of Americans. "- @RichardGrenell 

Twitter Bans: -U.S. Border Patrol Chief from tweeting about the southern border. -The New York Post from tweeting about Hunter Biden. Twitter Allows: -Iran’s Ayatollah to threaten American citizens. -Malaysia’s Prime Minister to encourage terrorism.

Pence just cleaned Biden’s clock on foreign policy, from Jerusalem to ISIS to NATO to the Iran deal.

If you (Pelosi, Biden, et al) can't truly celebrate the historic Abraham Accord for peace negotiated by @realDonaldTrump  then what DO you celebrate? War? Chaos? Iran funding killing of Americans? It's a legit question.

On Thursday, Joe Biden successfully read a misleading speech off a teleprompter. FICTION: He promised to hold terrorist regimes like Iran accountable. FACT: He supported a terrible Iran nuclear deal & sent pallets of cash, despite knowing they would use it to fund terrorism.

Obama/Biden scandals: -Fast & Furious -Solyndra -Benghazi -IRS targeting -Opperation Choke Point -Spying on journalists -VA waiting lists -Cash payments to Iran -Clinton emails -Unmasking of political rivals -Crossfire Hurricane/Russia Hoax -Crossfire Razor/Flynn Don’t forget!

Why would Biden side with Iranian terrorist commander Soleimani against President Trump? Of course Biden was part of the administration that sent $1billion in Cash to Iran much of which ended up funding Soleimani’s terror campaigns.