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Biden says the chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, Ceci Rouse, will be a member of the his cabinet. (CEA chair isn’t in Trump’s cabinet.)

Biden says Ceci Rouse will be a member of his cabinet, as chair of the CEA.

I have known Ceci Rouse since she was student of mine @Harvard  in 80s. She is a deeply serious researcher in the economics of education & inequality. She stood out in the Obama Admin & has been a great Dean. Her integrity will be a big asset for the CEA, Pres Biden & our country.

Ceci Rouse brings a lifetime of expertise on issues of the workforce—pay, training, contingent work and more (we worked together at CEA through the crisis in 2009 and beyond). @HBoushey  & @econjared  also go very deep in the area. Interesting clue on Biden’s initial priorities.


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