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Canada could be shut out of Biden's $2-trillion infrastructure spending plans, Canadian negotiator warns

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joins @chucktodd ⁩ exclusively @MeetThePress ⁩ Sunday to discuss U.S democracy after Jan 6, the Keystone XL, and the Biden foreign policy

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Update: Canadian trade official says blanket exemption from new Buy American rules unlikely Canada is looking for sectoral exemptions - with green infrastructure being the logical one given Biden’s hope for a $2 trillion bill From @peterzimonjic  and me:

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In terms of macro policy, America has a choice to become Canada or Mexico. Under Biden, it is choosing Canada. Under Trump it chose Mexico. Kinda reverse NAFTA!

Today on Rosemary Barton Live Health Canada’s Chief Medical Advisor on the approval of AstraZeneca. Then, the aftermath of the meeting between Biden and Trudeau with @MelodyCBarnes  and @TimNaftali . That and more starting at 10 ET on CBCNN and CBC Gem.

US President Biden asked Canada to increase defense spending on North American Aerospace Defense Command, while the two will try to modernize surveillance satellites and radar system in the Arctic to counter rising power of Russia and China, WSJ reported.

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Watch carefully Biden administration stated support for Canada’s political asylum and human rights practices during Trump era

The decision by President Joe Biden to dispatch Blinken to Mexico and Canada for the first visits, even virtually, is part of a broader effort to turn the page from a predecessor who at times had fraught relations with both nations.

The U.S. will not put an arbitrary timeline on when the Canada-U.S. border should reopen, says Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The Biden administration is going to let science do the talking, he says. @peterzimonjic  @RosieBarton  @PhilipLing 

Adriano Espaillat highlights "embarrassing" items in Biden stimulus, like $1.5M Canada bridge


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Im surprised Pres Biden gets out of XL pipeline project w Canada already w/o even negotiating when he said he wants 2improve ally relations+ companies said theyd have zero pollution using renewable energy+ this cuts a lot of union jobs+slap in face to ally/closest trading partner

Instead of further expanding energy trade with our USMCA trade partner Canada, President Biden’s decision will only make the United States more reliant on certain types of oil from overseas countries.

Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden spoke by phone for 30 minutes on Friday. The prime minister expressed disappointment over the new president's Keystone pipeline decision and Biden pledged to work with Canada on the 'Buy American' policy.

JUST IN: President Biden's first phone call will be to the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

Govts happiest with Biden win: Canada France Germany Iran Japan Mexico South Korea Spain Unhappiest: Brazil Russia Saudi Arabia Turkey UAE United KingdomDepends who you ask: China

Germany’s Angela Merkel, Britain’s Boris Johnson, Canada’s Justin Trudeau and India’s Narendra Modi were among world leaders to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden. There were notable exceptions.

Biden took all five of the votes cast for president in Dixville Notch, a tiny New Hampshire township along the US-Canada border that is among the first places in the country to make its presidential preference known

Rudy Giuliani has now claimed that mail in ballots in Pennsylvania could be from: -Mars -Canada -Democratic National Convention -Dead people voting There is no evidence for any of this. And, Fox just joined NBC and others calling MI for Joe Biden as Giuliani goes on.

World leaders congratulate President-elect@JoeBiden ; Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau:   “On behalf of the Government of Canada, I congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on their election as the next President and Vice President of the United States of America.” 1/

This is just a politically sophisticated analysis. In Canada, Biden would be a Liberal and @Ocasio2018  would be NDP. In the rest of the developed world the “universal hc costs too much” candidate would be in a conservative party.