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Biden again asked what to cut from Dems’ giant spending bill. I offered some ideas on Tuesday, but here they are again: -$350B state/local slush fund -$86B bailout of multiemployer pensions -Post-pandemic $$

I wrapped up another telephone town hall yesterday—talking with folks about the recent drop in COVID-19 cases in Missouri, reopening our country, and how Biden’s bailout bill would mortgage our children’s future to pay for things that have nothing to do with COVID-19.

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The Biden Bailout Bill has little to do with actually providing COVID relief… “It’s a progressive blowout for the ages that does little for the economy but will finance Democratic interest groups for years.”

Here’s How Much Money Every State Will Get From The Biden Bailout

Here's How Much Money Every State Will Get From The Biden Bailout#zerohedge 

Democrats' plan for a Biden bail-out and socialist dreams is ridiculous, and here's why, says Grant Stinchfield: @stinchfield1776 

Dems vote to start pushing through $1.9T bailout package without GOP support after Biden told GOP senators their $600B offer was 'too small'

@scottmstringer  Scott Stringer on Biden's aid package: "We're looking at a billion dollars for aid to state government... [and] to our city, which is desperately needed... We do need a bailout for the MTA and our transit system... This is the best deal in town for our country."

Cuomo, de Blasio are 'banking on a bailout from Biden' while lockdowns are in effect: Gasparino#FoxNews 


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Trump: "After the last administration nearly killed the US auto industry, I saved the US auto industry." This is a particularly heavy carry in Michigan, where Obama and Biden have always gotten credit for the auto bailout - Biden emphasizing it yesterday being flanked by Jeeps.

Biden says there should be federal rent bailout — “Not paid later. Forgiveness”

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While Joe Biden hosted a virtual “happy hour” with ~2,000 people and fielded staged questions from his endorsers, Sanders was fighting for what is probably the most important part of this horrible bailout deal for poor and working class people. Nap time needs to be over.

Joe Biden just wrongly claimed Bernie Sanders voted against the auto bailout. Sanders voted in favor of providing auto companies with $14 billion, which was separate from the Wall Street bailout funds he opposed. #DemDebate 

On the 2008 bailout, Biden was right and Sanders was wrong. Our editorial on how history vindicates Biden's position. @PostOpinions 

Several times in that debate, Biden denied past fact-based attacks (Bowles-Simpson! big donors!), and several times he tossed something flimsy at Sanders (Auto bailout! Nine super PACs!) Mods didn’t stop him and Sanders remarked on the audacity but didn’t really gut him.