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BG’s naivety caught up with him. ? #PowerTV 

Steve Rhodes hosts the Trader's Edge for Thursday on @TFNN  and discussed $BG $BGS $RTX $UNG $AMZN $PL and more! #Tradingview  #MasteringProbability  #financialeducation  #TFNN  #FinancialMarkets  #StockMarketNews  #Learntotrade 

#Habs Julien says Gallagher’s headaches have subsided and he is with the team everyday, but team doctors haven’t definitively diagnosed BG’s condition. Julien says they don’t believe it’s related to his concussion sustained on NYE.

#Habs  Julien says Gallagher’s headache developed late last night, which he reported to the team when he came to work this morning. The team will err on the side of caution; BG’s status tomorrow is questionable, as it should be.

Incidentally, BG’s quarterback is named Conner Cooper. Not sure if he roots for the Cougars or the Jaguars. @ConnerHigh  @RCHS_Jaguars 

?? I’ve never seen that before. The ball takes a right hand turn when it should go left ?? A bit like BG’s fearhand? ?

This is unbelievable.. It’s also disrespectful to his teammates & every #NFL  player who’s ever stepped onto the field. Pro football is big business but you’re still supposed to play for the ❤️of the game and competition. BG’s is an example why you have to be careful who you pay

I suspect BG’s plan’s have gone awry & that’s why BG went around bad mouthing the President this last week! His remarks were so devious & insulting; from a man who pimps bio drugs which rely on AFTER MARKET effects for safety assurances & which contain neurotoxins like aluminum!

give the man BG’s courtside mic ??

? BG’s Movie Review ?: Save yourself an hour and and a half of your life and don’t bother watching #GeoStorm . It’s the first nearly unwatchable natural formula disaster movie with every cliché, I’ve never finished. ? Also cheap CGI from 2002. ?‍♂️


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#Habs Julien on BG’s gm: “He was the Gallagher I knew coaching against him... He reminded me of mine that I used to have there (wry smile).”

Deal of the week: Shell buys BG’s oil and gas riches for $70-billion to close gap with Exxon

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Comment: BG’s Helge Lund joins ranks of history’s footnote guys

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