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Bewilderment,” our reviewer writes, insists that we ponder this: "At what cost do we allow our capacities for fear, jealousy and appetite to trounce other equally intrinsic capacities, like empathy, courage and forbearance?"

Critic Heller McAlpin says that with BEWILDERMENT, RIchard Powers "continues to raise bold questions about the state of our world and the cumulative effects of our mistakes."

After the epic scope of his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “The Overstory,” Richard Powers’ “Bewilderment” feels lean. And yet, at just 275 pages, it is a big book about our place in the cosmos and the strength of love in the face of tragedy.

"There’s a range of emotions that can come with a diagnosis of cancer. Bewilderment, rage, pity, sadness, even blame and shame. You can hurtle from one extreme to another" | Writes@sianwilliams100 

"It’s a James Taylor song when you require a buzz-saw guitar." @DwightGarner  reviews Richard Powers's "Bewilderment."

Richard Powers's new book, "Bewilderment," our critic Dwight Garner writes, is "a book about ecological salvation that somehow makes you want to flick an otter on the back of the head, for no good reason at all."

Is there intelligent life on other planets?: Bewilderment, by Richard Powers, reviewed ✍️ William Leith

Review: With 'Bewilderment,' expansive novelist Richard Powers goes dark and narrow

A father, a son, a dying planet in ‘Bewilderment


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For the last 18 months I’ve attempted to understand & explain the U.K.’s pandemic response as it happened in @PrivateEyeNews . My first salvo was bewilderment at the abandonment of community testing in March 2020. All the columns are published today. Please RT or even buy. Thanks.

The world's dumbest fucking people (Media Matters liberals) are expressing bewilderment at my statement that CIA influences corporate media outlets like CNN (even though CNN employs former top CIA officials). If you don't understand this basic fact about the US, you know nothing.

Check out our #Brexitforensics  films, stories, long reads from fishing, to pharma, Channel Tunnel to a nuclear reactor, gagging clauses, to the secret “throw open the borders plan”, leaks of car industry bewilderment, Aviation red lines, and Welsh lambs:

Andrew Cuomo is to Coronavirus what Rudy Giuliani was to 9/11. In a crisis, his authoritarian tendencies get retconned as leadership and their destructive impacts on people forgotten. When it comes time for the next phase of his ambition, there’ll be bewilderment re his behavior.

Mexico, perhaps more than any other country, has been the target of President Trump’s ire. Now, people there are feeling a new emotion that has overtaken their anger and bewilderment at his insults: sympathy.

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I cannot exaggerate the bewilderment in Washington over what UK government is doing over #GoodFridayAgreement . Why, a senior official asked me, is Britain doing something that will lead to a no deal Brexit, and result in no trade deal with the US either?

Trump has voiced bewilderment that people choose military service over making money. He has asked why the US should be so interested in finding captured soldiers, a comment made in the context of McCain. And he expresses discomfort around people who have been injured.

Been on the phone all day with local leaders who making real time decisions on closures and crowd restrictions. Almost universal bewilderment on lack of specific CDC guidance. “We’re all by ourselves out here,” one mayor said to me.

@benjaminwittes  says the letter signed by more than 2,000 fmr. Justice Dept. officials calling for AG Barr to resign illustrates "the degree of disaffection and anger and bewilderment at his conduct" and "in a vivid way, how deviant Barr's behavior is."

Pretty universal bewilderment in and around the chamber as to what point Sen. Warren was trying to make by her question about the trial contributing to a "loss of legitimacy" for Roberts/SCOTUS. Schiff wanted nothing to do with it.