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@MichaelEntrekin : At this point, every arrow points your way.. We need The Don!! #trumpforpresident  We need you, sir! Run! #betteramerica "

@LeftSentThis got you. Let's not be distracted ... Glad you're ok. Keep Pushin ' this is the birth of a #BetterAmerica  by the People of NOW

The antiquated System is not representative of the People,That was then ..WE are NOW... The Birth of a #BetterAmerica  by its People of TODAY

@EdgeRusher @DeVonFranklin  i choose peace. I respect your opinion .. i trust that your choices bring about peaceful results. #BetterAmerica 

You can avoid the conversation at your peril but #WE  have reached the tipping point & #CHANGE  is coming to #America  for a #BetterAmerica  ✌️


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