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Peter MacKay has publicly endorsed the former executive director of MaximeBernier’s far-right People’s Party of Canada in the race for a seat on Halifax’s municipal council.

bernier'>Mario Bernier, of Regina, was charged Tuesday with second-degree murder along with arson and indignity to human remains.

Controversial right-wing party leader Maxime Bernier wants to be a Toronto MP #Toronto  #MaximeBernier 

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@simonhoupt  And the person who “unearthed” it claims to be a founder of MaximeBernier’s party, which, all else aside, is not where a Tory shadow cabinet member would want to be sourcing her antisemitic conspiracy theories

"There will no doubt be a post mortem about what went wrong with Peter MacKay's campaign. But it’s worth noting that there is considerable overlap in the team that ran MaximeBernier’s 2017 campaign and MacKay’s in 2020." #cdnpoli 

Maxime Bernier says Erin O'Toole is 'Liberal-lite,' unlike his People's Party


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The Scheer resignation means that Trudeau has forced Scheer/Harper/Mulcair to resign. May has stepped down. Bernier lost a seat. Bloc swapped leaders. Helluva turnover #cdnpoli 

bernier'>Maxime Bernier has lost his seat in Beauce. Let's take a look back at all his best moments as People's Party leader: #elxn43 

"We've become too loud for people to handle, so they try to silence us. So we should take that as a compliment," says Greta Thunberg on why she draws the ire of politicians — from Trump to Bernier. #climatestrike  #climatestrikecanadac #MarchePourLeClimat #marcheclimatn #Montrealada

EXCLUSIVE: Kinsella firm hired to ‘seek and destroy’ Bernier’s People’s Party, documents show

bernier'>Maxime Bernier that guy who invites himself to Thanksgiving dinner and then yells at you about immigrants. #leadersdebate2019 

The Rhinoceros Party is running another man named Maxime Bernier against Maxime Bernier. Their advice to any voter confused by the ballot: “Don’t take chance, vote for both!”

@bernier_elodie im very gooddd thank you babe :)

Always subject to change between now and Sunday, but at this hour on the goalie carousel, it would appear Carter Hutton is the leading option in Buffalo, bernier'>Jonathan Bernier likely headed to Detroit and as we said before, Cam Ward likely to Chicago...

10 straight for the @Avalanche . Nine straight for Bernier. This team is ridiculous right now! ??????????