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A person was shot and killed during an encounter with police in Berks County, Pennsylvania, Thursday night, according to state police.

Feral cats continue to be an issue all over Berks Country, with officials at the Animal Rescue League calling the problem a "crisis." @CaitlinRearden  #berks 

Strong winds knocked out power for hundreds of customers across Berks County Tuesday. Officials expect more outages as windy conditions continue. #berks 

Students show off their scientific prowess at Reading-Berks Science and Engineering Fair

The Animal Rescue League of Berks County needs more "stuff" to help its animals.

Berks truck manufacturer gets $195,000 loan to build disabled services vehicle


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Berks County Family Detention Center is currently detaining children and families — some for more than a year. Tell @GovernorShapiro  to close Berks ASAP and help keep families #SafeAndTogether . #FreeTheFamilies 

BREAKING: Berks Catholic's Anthony Myers dies after year-long battle with brain cancer.

Police release sketch in Berks County food mart robbery

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Search continues for missing dog after fatal I-78 crash in Berks County, #PA . #Lost  #dog 

Why should we let moms & kids sit behind bars for just seeking safety? Help BerksKids' alt='TheBerksKids' /'>#TheBerksKids !

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Because of #Trumpcare 's age tax, 50-64 year-olds in Berks Co will lose $11,020 in credits, paying 72% more. #noagetax 

A jail in Pennsylvania is being used to imprison children and families unfairly. Learn more about BerksKids' alt='TheBerksKids' /'>#TheBerksKids 

Kids who fled violence are now learning to walk and talk in baby jails in Berks County, PA. Help us #ShutDownBerks !

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There are as many as 60 kids & parents at Berks family detention center aka baby jail. It's time to #ShutDownBerks 

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Trump/Brexit era's happened because everyone got sick & tired of smart-arse, ineffectual liberal berks like you, Dave. Happy New Year!