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Prime Minister's Office to investigate whether Netanyahu shredded documents before Bennett took office

It was agreed that opposition leader Netanyahu and his family will conclude their presence at the residence by Saturday, 10 July; no official meetings will be held at the residence until then. The residence will be transferred for use by Prime Minister Bennett on Sunday, 11 July

The offices of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu coordinated the changeover date at the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem.

Prime Minister's Office to Investigate Whether Netanyahu Shredded Documents Before Bennett Took Office (Michael Hauser Tov / Haaretz)

Netanyahu agrees with Bennett he’ll vacate PM’s official residence by July 10

Netanyahu and Bennett agree: Former PM will vacate official residence on July 10

#Israel 's opposition leader @netanyahu '>Benjami @netanyahu  has agreed to leave the Prime Minister's Residence o #Jerusalem  's Balfour Street by July 10, following demands made by @naftalibennett '>Prime Ministe @naftalibennett  .

Opposition leader Benjamin@netanyahu  will leave the Prime Minister’s Residence on Balfour Street in #Jerusalem  on July 10, after reaching an agreement with Prime Minister @naftalibennett  on the matter on Saturday. By: @LahavHarkov 

Prime Minister's Office to investigate whether Netanyahu shredded documents before Bennett took office

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin is blasting Rep. Kirkman Finlay over the Midlands receiving $9 million for a convention center expansion instead of the full $19 million request.


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Latest updates: May 16 Israel’s bombardment in #Gaza  has entered its seventh consecutive day with air raids in the early hours of Sunday as Israeli PM Netanyahu vows to continue offensive for ‘as long as necessary’. Follow this thread for the latest ⤵

Israeli airstrikes destroyed a 12-story residential building in occupied Gaza Tuesday. The strike came hours after Israel’s PM Netanyahu said he would increase the “frequency” and “strength” of the air raids. Airstrikes have killed at least 28 Palestinians incl. 10 children.

As the occupying power, Israel is responsible for the health of all the people under its control. It is outrageous that Netanyahu would use spare vaccines to reward his foreign allies while so many Palestinians in the occupied territories are still waiting.

SCHRODER: "I told him to bet a Benjamin on it. He shot it, turned around & said, 'Bet.' Then it went in. It's just legendary." LEBRON: "I took the bet while I was still shooting the ball. A bet isn't official until you look a man in the eye."

HUGE news at this hour - @realDonaldTrump  announcing a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Netanyahu to speak soon as well.

Their names were Staff Sgt. Christopher K.A. Slutman, Cpl. Robert Hendriks, and Sgt. Benjamin S. Hines. Their families deserve to know if the Russians had anything to do with their deaths, or any other US servicemembers. And interviewers should at the very least ask about it.

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BREAKING: Israeli PM Netanyahu enters quarantine after aide tested positive for coronavirus

"Dyslexia is not my disability. Dyslexia is my superpower." 9-year-old Benjamin made a portrait of John Cena with 750 Rubik's cubes ? (via benjaminrussocubeart/Instagram)

President Trump: FRIDAY—Became the 1st President to speak at the March for Life YESTERDAY—announced plan for peace in the Middle East alongside Prime Minister Netanyahu TODAY—Signed USMCA Democrats: Still focused on impeachment.