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Major floating wind farm plans off Wexford and Wicklow coasts via @IrishTimesBiz 

84 mayors sent a letter to @Transition4 @NancyPelosi6 @SenSchumer  urging them to deliver on citizenship for Dreamers, TPS holders, farm workers and essential workers via budget reconciliation. Read it here: #WeAreHome  #Mayors4Citizenship 

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Farm workers and other immigrants have ✅helped America recover from COVID-19 ✅been our neighbors and colleagues ✅deserve a pathway to citizenship Read the letter 84 mayors sent to Congress here: #WeAreHome  #Mayors4Citizenship 

It’s time to finally deliver citizenship to farm workers and other immigrants who have helped America recover from COVID-19 and been our neighbors and colleagues. Read the letter 84 mayors sent to Congress here: #WeAreHome  #Mayors4Citizenship 

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Protests over UK's tallest wind farm plans near Welsh village

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🤔 How can your pension help us get to #NetZero ? With less than 100 days until @ukcop26 , yesterday I visited t @OisforOctopuse  Solar Farm in Peterlee, which produces millions of hours in green electricity every year. Watch to find out more 👇

Organic Farm Experiencing High Yields for Hard Red #Wheat  Crop |

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Finally, a policy question! Republican Greg Pence asks a question about right to repair policy on farm equipment.

According to officials, no permission was sought by the farm owners to build the wall @Akshayanath ) #India  #TamilNadu 

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is promising to pour $500 million into expanding meat processing capacity, which farm groups say will be a great start toward increasing competition in the sector and boosting livestock prices.


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More than 100,000 farmers and farm workers gathered in India’s northern Punjab state in a show of strength against new agricultural laws that seek to deregulate the country's vast farm sector

A Border Collie who was ejected from a car during a crash in Idaho Sunday has been found, on a sheep farm, herding sheep.

Watch | #Farmers  from Nashik march towards Mumbai, in support farmers protesting in Delhi against #FarmLaws 

#FarmersProtest | "The government is saying that they have introduced the new farm laws to eliminate the middlemen. We are asking them to define 'middlemen'": Farmers address the media

Thankful for our farm workers and food bank staff whose hard work has put food on the tables for millions of families across our country.

59 years ago today I was released from Parchman Farm Penitentiary after being arrested in Jackson, MS for using a so-called "white" restroom during the Freedom Rides of 1961.

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On April 19 ... IT BEGINS ? #TheLastDance  | @StateFarm 

Say it with me: Nurses are ALWAYS essential. Farm workers are ALWAYS essential. Postal workers are ALWAYS essential. Grocery store workers are ALWAYS essential. Truckers are ALWAYS essential. First responders are ALWAYS essential. Billionaires are not.

Maybe—just maybe—the most essential people in our economy are not hedge fund managers. Could it be that they are doctors, nurses, EMTs, grocery store workers, workers in drug stores, farm workers, and truck drivers? Let us begin to rethink some of our priorities.

You have indeed broken records: 1. Biggest national debt ever 2. Biggest pork-filled budget ever 3. Biggest deficits over 3 yrs ever 4. Increased deficit inherited by Obama by 90% 5. Biggest socialist farm scheme ever 6. Biggest domestic spending spree ever #BigGovernmentDon