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Here she is calling Ben Shapiro a liar and saying that the wrongheadedness of his claim is easily verified. Am I going crazy? I thought. So I went back to check myself to make sure I didn't error in my essay. What I found is quite damning.

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It's Thursday, so that means its time for a round of the world's worst dating advice on "The Ben Shapiro Show"! Call in at (855)236-3228. Or we can talk Louisville, SCOTUS, and the Trump Coup That Won't Happen.

Inside the Beltway: The Daily Wires with Ben Shapiro leads surge of conservative news in Facebook's 'top 10'

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NeoCon Ben Shapiro on Gun Control as BLM and Antifa riot and burn down city blocks: Sure, why not? #Breaking  #GlobalNews 

This story went completely viral on FB, Twitter, etc. Ben Shapiro, Prager U., Breitbart, Fox News, all posted it. Donald Trump Jr. shared it. Hundreds of thousands of interactions. BLM linked to Chinese communists! It's right there on the Donate page. Except...

Ben Shapiro thinks he's welcome in Nashville. Bless his heart


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The bullshit from Big Tech never ends! Newsweek: Facebook Accused of Canceling Advertising for 'CancelCon' ben shapiro'>Event Starring Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager

Didn't have time to list it, but I pulled some data for this segment: August FB interactions CNN: 21 million NYT: 8M Ben Shapiro: 55M August FB video views CNN: 73M NYT: 12M The Hodgetwins: 84M August FB shares: CNN: 2.2M NYT: 800K Dan Bongino: 5.6M

Worth remembering that Andy Ngo and Ben Shapiro worked really hard to justify the shooting — in its immediate aftermath and with no evidence — for no apparent reason other than the killer working in opposition to BLM. They are misinfo peddlers and nothing more. Don't forget.

Top-performing posts on Facebook today (link posts only, ranked by interactions, data from @crowdtangle ) are from: 1. Donald J. Trump 2. Franklin Graham 3. Fox News 4. Fox News 5. Ben Shapiro 6. Ben Shapiro 7. Ben Shapiro 8. Blue Lives Matter 9. Occupy Democrats 10. Sean Hannity

These media attacks on Ben Shapiro are sickening. I hope the day is soon when Buzzfeed goes out of business. It’s not a news operation. Time - again it shows itself as a sleazy smear operation.

1. How is The Daily Wire, the toxic right-wing site founded by pundit Ben Shapiro, more successful on Facebook than any other major publication? It breaks the rules. And Facebook is going to continue to let them do it.

“The only way to shut down the Democrats new Mob Rule strategy is to stop them cold at the Ballot Box. The fight for America’s future is never over!” Ben Shapiro

Women, if you're being sexually assaulted make sure you take close notice of your attacker's dick because Ben Shapiro wants to know exactly what it looks like

Why does Ben Shapiro want to debate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? He’s not running for office. He should debate me. I’m also a short clown no one takes seriously. #fun