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Let's kick off #Superbowl  weekend the right way on the "Fifth Hour with Ben Maller," and @DavidJGascon  as we are joined by @SeanUnfiltered  to breakdown the status of Deshaun Watson trade rumors with Texans and your #NFL  news of the week! SUBSCRIBE/LISTEN:

-- ON AIR -- We examine the fallout from Pac-12/Big Ten quitting football? Evaluate the Astros/A's punishment? What happens next for Big12/ACC/SEC? Bucks Giannis has Greek Freakout in the Bubble? Ben Maller Show on FOX from now till 6am ET. LISTEN:

-- ON AIR -- Ohio State football to SEC/ACC? MLB has more bad actors? Are the undefeated Suns in the bubble real or a mirage? Joe Burrow with sage wisdom on NFL futures of college players? Ben Maller Show from now till 6am ET on FOX. LISTEN:

-- ON AIR -- We grade A's/Astros fight, Big Ten about to kill 2020 College Football season? Draymond Green caught tampering with Suns Devin Booker? Former Astro Gerrit Cole cheating with Yankees? Ben Maller Show from now till 6am ET. LISTEN:

It’s a jumbo sized edition of the mailbag, with “Bee or not the Bee” mixed into the witches brew on this edition of the “Fifth Hour with Ben Maller,” and @DavidJGascon  SUBSCRIBE/LISTEN:

Podcast pouting from #MallerMilitia  as we give you a pop quiz and more during this captivating edition of the “Fifth Hour with Ben Maller,” and @DavidJGascon  SUBSCRIBE/LISTEN:

The green flag is up on wholesome weekend programming, we catch up with TV dentist and chairman of the Fox Sports Radio alumni association, @LooneyonFox  my longtime gasbag pal on the “Fifth Hour with Ben Maller,” and @DavidJGascon  SUBSCRIBE/LISTEN:

-- ON AIR -- LeBron James implies Lakers have locker room problems? We celebrate another bad day for Astros. NFL QB caught with burner account? Tom Brady accused of doing TB12 commercial during work? Ben Maller Show from now till 6am ET. LISTEN:

-- ON AIR -- Lakers LeBron feeling homesick? Jon Gruden has Raiders jokes? Dodgers messing with top rookies status? Cam Newton is not cut out for Patriot way? Ben Maller Show from now till 6am ET. LISTEN:

-- ON AIR -- More trouble for treating Astros, Derek Carr is delusional with Raiders? Greek Freak glitch? 49ers QB drama? Ben Maller Show till 6am ET on FOX LISTEN:


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We are at the intersection of activism and pro sports. Political pundit @RubinReport  tells us what happens next in these wild times. "Fifth Hour with Ben Maller," and @DavidJGascon . SUBSCRIBE/DOWNLOAD:

-- ON AIR -- NBA players unhappy with bubble life? NFL has dramatic plot twist to crime story? MLB star wants baseball to be like UFC? Clock running out on Cowboys Dak Prescott? Ben Maller Show from now till 6am ET on FOX! LISTEN:

-- ON AIR -- Cheating Astros "bring on the boos"? NFL coach on the endangered list? NFL marketing department working overtime? RGIII learns the best kind of history is revisionist history? Ben Maller Show is LIVE on FOX till 6am ET. LISTEN:

You can practice social distancing and still have a party with thousands of strangers in the MallerMilitia on the Ben Maller Show, keeping you company as we take the sports out of sports radio for months, starting tonight 2a-6a ET 11p/3a PT...

It's time for the "2020 Benny Awards," celebrating mediocrity in marginal overnight sports radio on Ben Maller Show. ONE vote per listener, so make it count. Congrats to all the nominees and good luck!

Consider this your Friday news dump, the new deal is done, tremendously excited to be continuing "Ben Maller Show" on Fox Sports Radio into 2019. My second career at Costco will have to wait.

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-- ON AIR -- #HereWeGo  on Ben Maller Show, must #ProtectMaller  #ProtectMueller  its all the same when Big Ben is waxing poetic under cover of darkness till 6am ET. LISTEN:

-- ON AIR -- It's a beautiful night for sports radio, lets do a doubleheader. Ben Maller Show takes over FSR microphones coast to coast from now till 6am ET. LISTEN:

-- ON AIR -- We are gassed up and ready for an overnight chatterfest on Ben Maller Show from now till 6am ET. Enjoy the second leg of the Maller Marathon. LISTEN:

Excited to announce I have inked new deal with Premiere Networks to continue Ben Maller Show on Fox Sports Radio! #Grateful  #ThanksP1s 

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