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Whose drama is worse? Ben Simmons or James Harden? Let @JRSportBrief  know what you think by calling 855-212-4CBS Listen Live on

Per @PaulHembo , ESPN’s stat guru, Big Ben’s Quarterback Rating (QBR) with a clean pocket is 29th in the NFL. That’s kind of concerning.

Big ben'>Baby Ben is taking his binky and running from Philadelphia because he refuses to develop a decent jump shot. @ZachGelb  unloads on Ben Simmons.

Ben Simmons Reportedly Giving Sixers Silent Treatment, Plans To Leave Team

Coming up! @JRSportBrief  talks about the latest chapter in the Ben Simmons Saga in Philly. Listen live on

Time for the Nightly Sports Call on @PittsburghsCW . With @RichieWalsh . Big Ben pec. Groins. Offensive line struggles. Plus your calls.

every single time I see a ben simmons headline

BenSimmons reminds me of Magic Johnson” was never a truer statement.

@DanWolken : [Ben] Simmons has not accomplished enough in this league to draw that line in the sand. And the 76ers shouldn’t indulge it until the time — and the price — of their choosing.

The News Brief w/ @ZachGelb  is next! Hear from: - Aaron Rodgers on silencing the critics - Kyle Shanahan on why Trey Lance didn't play in Week 2 - Mike Tomlin on the status of Big BenListen Live:


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ESPN Sources: Philadelphia 76ers ben simmons'>All-Star Ben Simmons will not report for opening of training camp next week and intends to never play another game for the franchise. Simmons hasn’t spoken to team since a late August meeting when he communicated this message to Sixers officials.

You got it wrong! If the protesters were so peaceful, why did they light the Church on fire the night before? People liked my walk to this historic place of worship! Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. James Lankford, Sen. Ben Sasse. Please read @MZHemingway  below.

The least effective of our 53 Republican Senators, and a person who truly doesn’t have what it takes to be great, is Little Ben Sasse of Nebraska, a State which I have gladly done so much to help. @SenSasse  was as nice as a RINO can be until he recently won the Republican....

Senator Little Ben Sasse of the Great State of Nebraska seems to be heading down the same inglorious path as former Senators Liddle’ Bob Corker, whose approval rating in Tennessee went from 55% to 4%, & Jeff “the Flake” Flake, whose approval rating in Arizona went from 56% to....

Bron calling his mom to celebrate the title ? (via @BenGolliver )

RINO Ben Sasse, who needed my support and endorsement in order to get the Republican nomination for Senate from the GREAT State of Nebraska, has, now that he’s got it (Thank you President T), gone rogue, again. This foolishness plays right into the hands of the Radical Left Dems!

“Justice will not be served until those unaffected are as outraged as those who are”. Ben Franklin

Hi Claire, Two problems with your tweet: 1. Dr. Ben Carson did not have a seat in this pic because he was sitting in First Class with my family 2. Dr. Carson is not a "thing," he is a world renowned, life-saving neurosurgeon Anyway, how's unemployment?