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In 2013, Pakistan happily took $60 billion from China, as part of its Belt and Road Initiative. It didn't expect protests, massive debt and shrinking cash reserves — but despite all that, the government remains all in. At what cost, though?

China is seeking to become an Atlantic naval power and wants a base on the west African coastline to host submarines and aircraft carriers The project by the People’s Liberation Army Navy is linked to China’s Belt and Road initiative

I wonder how the likes of @yanisvaroufakis  would have responded to restructuring conditionality being linked to Greece entering a hyper surveillance-based social credit system? (which I suspect may be the fate awaiting belt & road sovereigns that encounter repayment issues).

@cate_long  @yanisvaroufakisThe  original belt and road system was that of the Roman Empire. What did the romans ever do for us? Built all the infrastructure and then demanded taxes.

@cate_long  @yanisvaroufakisBelt  and road V1 and this represents an important point. Colonialism/imperialism is mostly about standard setting and order generation. It’s oppressive because of the cultural domination. But...

China is using the Belt and Road Initiative to promote the adoption of Huawei 5G, while the United States is looking to reverse these gains. But without an alternative, the U.S. pressure campaign may have reached its limit, writes @DavidMSacks1 .

#UPDATE  China suspends an economic agreement with Australia - the China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue - in an apparent tit-for-tat after Canberra's scrapping of a Belt and Road pact and threat to undo a deal leasing Darwin Port to a Chinese firm

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China blasts 'insane' Australia for dumping Victoria's Belt and Road deal as it cuts off ALL economic

China said on Thursday it had suspended an economic agreement with Australia, in an apparent tit-for-tat response to Canberra's scrapping a Belt and Road infrastructure pact and threat to undo a deal leasing Darwin Port to a Chinese company.

China is an important market for Brazil's largest paper company, which hopes to further cooperate with the country through the Belt and Road Initiative, said David Feffer, chairman of the board of directors of Suzano. #GLOBALink 


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BREAKING: Australia's government cancels Belt and Road agreements between China and Victoria, the country's second-most populous state.

BREAKING: Foreign Minister Marise Payne has torn up Victoria’s controversial Belt and Road agreements with China.

#BREAKING Australia cancels state's Belt and Road deal with China

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So much for Morrison's policy consistency on China. His trade minister cheered on the Victorian MoU with China’s Belt & Road Initiative when it was announced. Now Morrison, desperate to shift the political agenda on the home front, unleashes a 'reds under the bed' style campaign.

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The Chinese government's global reputation is plummeting. Buying support with vaccine diplomacy and Belt and Road Initiative loans isn't working. They key is reversing Xi Jinping's intensifying repression in Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and across China.

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Team Biden's pick for United Nations Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield: ❌Delivered a paid speech at a Confucius Institute. ❌Delivered remarks praising Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative. ❌Said she did not see the U.S. as competing with China for influence in Africa.

Interesting moment with @frankelly08  on ABC radio. Discussing Vic belt & road deal I noted federal ministers offered support for it early on. PMO texted in to refute that, Fran put it to me, I pointed out I had transcripts, Fran read them out shortly after. Thanks for playing...

#1 Killer of Youth = Road Crashes, join me and my brother @ernestoarguello  and @Snap2Live  and belt up with me;)

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The country's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative will connect 65 countries and cost north of $1 trillion. The goal? Improving trade and connections between China and Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

"YOLO...County" on the road again promoting #Parallel  with Dustin Belt, pick it up on iTunes Music if you h...