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Astronomers Spot Two Unusually Red Objects in the belt'>Asteroid Belt

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Frosts stain Brazil coffee belt, growers see nearly a third of fields hit

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Seat belt use declined last year as highway deaths rose, NHTSA reports

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Another week under the belt. Weekend markets and cryptos back open at 0800 BST tomorrow. Thanks for all your support as always! Have a lovely weekend!

"I'm excited to finally get my debut and get the ball rolling, get my first win under my belt and just go from there.” @Collin_Anglin  is ready to get his @ufcareer  started at #UFCVegas33 ️:

Toto Wolff says Red Bull went ‘below the belt’ with attack on Lewis Hamilton

Update on the draft North East Derbyshire Local Plan - . Disappointed that the Inspector didn’t agree to remove the remaining 4 belt'>Green Belt sites although pleased she confirmed the earlier Green Belt removal. We will keep pushing, even at this late stage!

Sports diplomacy: China should try a new tack for the Belt and Road Initiative


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Video obtained by CBS News shows the moment a Southwest Airlines flight attendant was punched by a passenger after asking her to keep her seat belt fastened during a flight from Sacramento to San Diego Sunday.

Buckle Your Seat Belt: @WaGuJohnSolomon  anticipates more explosive Spygate evidence to come out against the Obama administration within the next 3 to 4 weeks. #MAGA  #AmericaFirst  #Dobbs 

Joe Biden has: —Won the Electoral College —Won the popular vote —Received more votes than any other presidential candidate —Likely flipped 5 states —Won with higher margins than Trump in the Rust Belt in 2016 Whatever the Republicans say, this was a decisive victory.

I went to two malls yesterday and there was a bump in shoppers from a month ago. What struck me were the lines at Louis Vuitton. During course of the day hundreds of people, mostly under 30, waited patiently to spend big bucks on bags & belt buckles. They can vote in person.

Conor McGregor kept taking Jose Aldo’s belt before he ended up winning it in 13 seconds ? (via @ufc )

His classmate is a huge WWE fan, so he surprised him with his own belt and his reaction is awesome ? (via cttjr3/Instagram)

The fight is signed and is 100% ON LIVE on ESPN somewhere on EARTH!!!! ? @TonyFergusonXT  vs @Justin_Gaethje  is LIVE on @espn + PPV April 18th for the interim lightweight belt!

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The star Betelgeuse is so large, if you swapped it with the Sun, it would engulf the orbit of Mars and extend all the way through the asteroid belt. No need to panic, but at 700 light years, it's the closest star to the Sun that will end its life in a Supernova explosion.

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“Approval of Pres Trump among farmers in the belt'>Corn Belt is on the rise following the signing of the long-awaited U.S.-China trade...” President@realDonaldTrump  promised to fight for America’s farmers and just like he has for so many others, he delivered!