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Bellevue's police chief said, “I was not going to wait until I started seeing the violence. We wanted to prevent it and I think we were successful in doing it."

Bellevue police chief responds to criticism over civil emergency, weapons ban during dueling protests:

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Parents plead for answers in murder of Bellevue man who died 'trying to protect his family.' #UnsolvedTN 

Last week, two individuals were found dead with gunshot wounds in a Bellevue coffee shop.

Bellevue police chief stands behind city's emergency order during Saturday's protest

New details: Bellevue PD lifts "civil emergency order" -- according to police some potential rioters hid sticks, rocks and propane tanks near businesses... #KOMONews  #BellevueProtest 

Antifa protesters took to the streets of two Washington State suburban communities Saturday night. The black bloc protesters (wearing all black) were on the streets of the Seattle suburbs of Bellevue and Bainbridge Island.

Bellevue lifts civil emergency order following peaceful protest

@ManthonyCourant  writes: "Former NBA star @MarcusCamby23  is in the Houston area, living comfortably following a 17-year career. Part of his heart remains in #Hartford , though. With the North End. With Bellevue. With Hartford Public High."


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Breaking: VA to suspend GI Bill enrollments/payments for University of Phoenix, Colorado Technical University, American InterContinental University, Bellevue University, and Temple University. Penalty for deceptive recruiting and advertising. More to come.

Breaking News: An NYPD officer from the 100th Precinct put a black man named Bellevue' alt='RickyBellevue' /'>#RickyBellevue  in a banned chokehold earlier today in Rockaway Park, Queens. Bellevue is alive and the police officer has been suspended without pay.

"We are with you, we're not against you." @BvuePD  chief Steve Mylett addresses the crowd gathering in Bellevue; condemns the four officers involved in #GeorgeFloyd 's death and other police-involved deaths - and how his police force is learning and moving forward.

NEW: Today we are conducting antibody testing for frontline healthcare workers at 4 NYC hospitals: -BellevueHospital -Elmhurst Hospital -Montefiore -SUNY Downstate Health Sciences Next week we will conduct antibody testing for MTA/transit workers, NYPD and State Police.

I'm sorry, folks, may I scream for a moment? I CAN'T FUCKING BELIEVE THAT ER STAFF AT BELLEVUE HOSPITAL IN NYC HAD TO DO A GOFUNDME TO GET N95 RESPIRATORS. AND THEY STILL DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TESTS. The Trump adminstration are straight-up mass murderers.

Harvey Weinstein has been taken to Bellevue Hospital, @Chloe_Melas  and @JeanCasarezCNN  report. Reason is unknown. After the hospital, he's expected to be transferred to Rikers Island.

We're three days away from Donald claiming he can control the weather. This is "admitted to Bellevue" level crazy.

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Wooooow! RT @BharathNA  Not a small line in Bellevue. And it's only 7.30am #tesla  #Model3 

Packers are playing their first home Thanksgiving game since November 29, 1923. The Packers won 19-0 over the Hammond Pros at Bellevue Park.