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Elementary school students in the U.S. finished the school year four to five months behind where they normally would have been academically, according to a new report. It found that many of the most vulnerable students experienced the steepest setbacks.

The Education Ministry in Israel says 4,711 school students are infected with COVID-19. Among them, 74 percent are elementary school students. Some 45,000 teachers and students are in quarantine. Currently, there are 13,408 coronavirus cases overall in the country.

Elementary students can now learn virtually in JCPS as COVID-19 concerns continue to climb

Live updates: JCPS board to vote on masks, Black studies course, virtual elementary school

Let's raise money to get San Diego County students the school supplies they'll need for the upcoming school year. Every $20 donation provides an elementary school child with a backpack filled with back-to-school supplies.

On Tuesday, the Collier County School Board will approve installing security fences at Golden Gate High School and Vineyards Elementary. CCSB says making sure that students are as safe as possiblein their schools is one of its primary concerns.

New Mexico's guidelines are a little different from those in Texas. Masks will be required for elementary school students.

If voters approve the increase, it would fund replacement roofing, ceiling tiles, window fills, plumbing and electrical for the elementary and high school buildings.

Here are some healthy strategies for you to guide your elementary and middle schoolers as they navigate modern digital media at home and


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"It is elementary to have to say this, but we did not become a great nation by believing or espousing nonsense, or by embracing lunacy. And if my party continues down this path, we will not be fit to govern."

CUTE ALERT: These kindergarteners at Hickerson Elementary School in Nashville wished a deaf school custodian a happy birthday in sign language yesterday. He sure was surprised! Happy birthday, Mr. James! (Video courtesy of Hickerson Elementary)

I just had to give Ruby Bridges a hug today when I saw her in Alabama. At just 6 years old, she became the first Black child to integrate an all-white public elementary school in Louisiana in 1960. And she needed federal marshals to escort her there. We must never forget.

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The son of a victim in the Atlanta rampage tells Daily Beast about his mom: — She loved dancing & sushi — She taught elementary school in Korea before coming to the US — “She was a single mother of two kids who dedicated her whole life to raising them."

The educators inside Sandy Hook Elementary School died protecting their students. Dawn, Annie, Rachel, Mary, Lauren, and Victoria are heroes. It’s been 8 long years of pain and loss for their families. Do something good or kind today in their memory.

Today marks 8 years since 20 first-graders and 6 educators were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. To honor the lives lost in this terrible tragedy, it’s past time we implement common-sense gun safety reforms to keep our children safe.

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Lucille Bridges, mother of civil rights activist Ruby Bridges, who walked with her then-6-year-old daughter past crowds screaming racist slurs as she became the first Black student at her all-white New Orleans elementary school, has died at the age of 86.

60 years ago today, Ruby Bridges became the first Black student at an all-white elementary school in New Orleans, walking past crowds screaming racist slurs. U.S. Deputy Marshals escort 6-year-old Ruby Bridges from William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans, Nov. 14, 1960.

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#BTS ’ #V  ’s Fans In China Donate 500,000 RMB Towards The Construction Of An Elementary School In His Name!? @BTS_twt 

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