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Kamikaze drone reportedly takes down Russian tower in Belgorod Oblast Located in Kazinka, 10 km from Ukrainian border. Was reportedly used for surveillance of Ukrainian border. Partisan explosion also possible

SITREP DAY 173 1. Near Kozunka (Belgorod Obl), a RU n communication relay tower toppled, presumably by UA drone 2. UA extends mobilisation & state of emergency to 21 November 3. Kissinger now states that UA should join NATO 4. UA loses top pilot, Capt. Listopad

2 injured in RU strikes on Kharkiv Missiles hit a public transport stop&roof of a 9-story building, set garage cooperative on fire, damaged cars& playground - Mayor Terekhov There was a strike in the night too - 10 missiles from Belgorod 📽️Terehov's TG

Kharkiv residential areas ruined after Russian missile strike from BelgorodApartment houses, school, road have sustained damages. Missiles were sent at roughly 2-3AM on 12 Aug - Kharkiv mayor & Obl Head (📷)

Liubov Bobrov with 3 children escaped from shelled Kharkiv to Belgorod in March but was brought to the remote Kurgan town in Russian underpopulated Siberia Having no money, only thanks to relatives in Ukraine & Reintegration Ministry they could come back.

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About 4:00, Russia hit Kharkiv with 2 missiles launched from Belgorod - Oblast Head 1 Russian missile hit a civilian industrial facility damaging a building (no one was injured), another missile hit the ground. 📷PG Office in Kharkiv Oblast

Russian schools near the border with Ukraine will not reopen for the new academic year amid the threat of cross-border attacks, the head of Russia’s Belgorod region said Wednesday.

Russia gathers additional military equipment near borders with Ukraine's Kharkiv Oblast. Journalists-investigators of Skhemy wrote that additional equipment arrived in Sobolivka village of belgorod oblast'>Russian Belgorod Oblast that can be redeployed to Ukraine.

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The Dmitry Donskoy was last spotted accompanying the Belgorod, which took the title of the world’s largest submarine when it was commissioned earlier this month, in the waters of the White Sea.

“Four Russian rockets, presumably fired from around (the Russian city of) Belgorod at night, at about 3:30 a.m., hit a residential building, a school and administrative buildings,” Bolvinov wrote on Facebook.


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Russia hits Kharkiv, Ukraine’s No 2 city, daily with missiles from Belgorod. Defending Kharkiv, only 20 miles from the border, is impossible without counterbattery fire hitting Russia. Which can’t happen because the White House prohibits using HIMARS for cross-border strikes.

The russian army has deployed the TOS-1 heavy flamethrower which shoots thermobaric rockets, the was South of Belgorod.


BREAKING: Governor of Belgorod, Russia, claims two Ukrainian helicopters flew into Russian airspace and shelled an oil depot.

Russia claims two Ukrainian helicopters carried out a strike on a fuel depot in Belgorod, just over the border from Kharkiv. Would be the first major Ukrainian sortie into Russia if true, and pretty humiliating for Russia

Two Ukrainian helicopters crossed into Russian territory and fired on an oil depot in the city of Belgorod, injuring two people, a regional governor said. It is the first Ukrainian airstrike Russia has reported on its territory since the start of the war.

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Hearing what sounds like outgoing artillery and rocket fire in Belgorod Russia. #Ukraine  #Russia  #CNN 

A lot of Russian military vehicles seem to be breaking down on the Russian side of the border and need towing. Don‘t know if that‘s common for military gear. This is South of Belgorod. #CNN  #Ukraine  #Russia 

Now hearing jets over Belgorod. Possibly flying towards the Kharkiv area. #CNN  #Russia  #Ukraine 

Watch Russian rockets fly in the air and tanks roll past CNN reporter Frederick Pleitgen as they appear to head towards Ukraine from Belgorod, Russia