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Arsenal can join Everton on six points if they beat West Ham in the late game after Manchester United make a belated start to the season when they face Crystal Palace and Leeds United take on Fulham.

Winston Groom, a Southern writer who found a measure of belated celebrity when his 1986 novel, “Forrest Gump,” was made into the 1994 Oscar-winning film starring Tom Hanks, has died at 77

#Myanmar ’s military justice “pattern of denial followed by belated admissions and closed-door trials only furthers the lack of trust civilians have in the army. This lack of transparency strips away any genuine sense of accountability.” By Maggie Quadrini

Happy belated 55th @howardlindzon  - still younger than your bro 😎 via @howardlindzon 

#PersonalFinance | Why you shouldn’t wait for the 30 September deadline for filing belated returns for FY19 @MoneyRenu 

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Just want to say a belated congrats to @niallofficial  for passing his driving test ! Smashed it !

me & @TheRealKMcKidd  at his belated bday dinner. May u catch Brave New Waves all this year dearest friend.

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There’s another reason for @BorisJohnson  belated move on masks .... to give the media something easier on which to rabbit endlessly, rather than the mounting evidence of the Brexit car crash which requires a little more context and explanation. Failed on Covid. Failed on Brexit

Still sunburnt n look sad but wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s already got tickets for my belated bday party / the funnest night of all of our lives aka GO WEST FEST ??

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@AlexAllTimeLow Happybelated birthday Alex! I'm sorry I'm 3 hours late

@SimonCowell happy belated birthday big guy! Cya soon!

From @WSJ : Trump acted against a terrorist who killed hundreds of Americans.//Qasem Soleimani bestrode the Middle East spreading terror & death. Trump’s decision to order the general’s death belated justice for the hundreds of Americans whom Soleimani had a hand in killing.

@Kellinquinn happy belated birthday my friend!!

So ESPN let Jemele hang out to dry but they're promoting the belated social awakening of this idiot?

I missed it yesterday, my phone dropped into water ! Fixed it again, happy belated 4th of july!