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The IEA's belated embrace of solar power is great, but its World Energy Outlook has a track record of excessive optimism on natural gas, nuclear and CCS. "The report’s numbers and tables really matter." by @SvenTeske 

Belated congratulations to @hxhassan  @faysalitani  and their team for the launch of @newlinesmag ! What they have on offer looks fascinating—and it's great to see a mission statement that emphasizes new approaches to studying the Middle East

Cam Newton sports custom cleats wishing son Cashmere happy belated 1st birthday

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#ICYMI : Migrants and refugees were rarely seen as contributors to host societies, until the pandemic came. But will the belated recognition of their importance make a practical difference to their lives?

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Some Belated Encounters With Political Reality by William Murchison

Chris Eccles told the hotel quarantine inquiry he “interrogated” his phone records and they didn’t show contact with Graham Ashton. ­But when the inquiry made the belated decision to request the records, and actually look itself, he resigned. @australian 

@Bzubyk  @keithbaldreyIf  Wilkinson does not respond to questions about this controversy today, he simply ensures that he will face them the next time he is available. And his belated response will provide context for Tuesday's election debate.

England all-rounder Ben Stokes made his belated appearance in this year’s tournament...

About last night, was a little busy with an important #Falcons  matter. So, belated congratulations to The Queen’s Akron homeboy LeBron and The Lakers. They did that!!!


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Just want to say a belated congrats to @niallofficial  for passing his driving test ! Smashed it !

me & @TheRealKMcKidd  at his belated bday dinner. May u catch Brave New Waves all this year dearest friend.

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There’s another reason for @BorisJohnson  belated move on masks .... to give the media something easier on which to rabbit endlessly, rather than the mounting evidence of the Brexit car crash which requires a little more context and explanation. Failed on Covid. Failed on Brexit

Still sunburnt n look sad but wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s already got tickets for my belated bday party / the funnest night of all of our lives aka GO WEST FEST ??

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@AlexAllTimeLow Happybelated birthday Alex! I'm sorry I'm 3 hours late

@SimonCowell happy belated birthday big guy! Cya soon!

From @WSJ : Trump acted against a terrorist who killed hundreds of Americans.//Qasem Soleimani bestrode the Middle East spreading terror & death. Trump’s decision to order the general’s death belated justice for the hundreds of Americans whom Soleimani had a hand in killing.

@Kellinquinn happy belated birthday my friend!!

So ESPN let Jemele hang out to dry but they're promoting the belated social awakening of this idiot?

I missed it yesterday, my phone dropped into water ! Fixed it again, happy belated 4th of july!